3 Things To Include When Writing Sales Page Headlines

Your headline is the most important part of your sales page because if you can’t capture people;s attention and make them want to read more, it doesn’t matter what else you’ve written, it will never get seen. Your headline needs to catch your target market’s attention and make them want to read more, and trying to write a headline is a sticking point for many business owners writing their own copy. So, here I’ve included the top 3 things you’ll want to include when writing your sales page headline.
A mention to your specific target audience or their problem
For maximum effect, you want to make sure your sales page is in front of the eyes of your specific target market, so if you can, give them a direct mention in the headline so that they know exactly who it is this will appeal to.
For example:
“Worried about hair loss?”
“Aged between 18-23 and trying to figure out your next career move?”
“Calling all Bluegrass fans looking for live music…”
Can you see how in an instant a reader knows if this is going to be relevant to his or her situation? That’s what you want in your headline.
Highlight the problem
In the above examples, we’ve already touched on this, but to build on identifying your target market, you next need to remind them of the problem that they are having. So for example wit “worried about hair loss”, it isn’t just speaking to people who are losing their hair, it is speaking to people who have the problem of worrying about losing their hair. In your headline try to capture an element of the problem your customer is having as this will remind them of whatever discomfort they have that you can solve.
Promise a solution
Now that you’ve identified your target market, reminded them of their problem, you want to show them that what you have can solve that problem. This is what’s going to pull them in to read the rest of your sales page because you are now talking to someone who wants a solution that you have.
For example:
“Embarrassed about stained teeth? White-glo returns your teeth to their natural whiteness simply in minutes”
“Hate writing headlines for your sales page? Download our free templates for instant headlines today”
Now, those are the 3 main things to include but as a bonus point, if you can include some kind of urgency, or some kind of surprise benefit (such as solving the problem in minutes) you’re going to attract even more people to your sales page.

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