Copywriting Tips – Do You Always Get What You Pay For

This article is really directed more toward those who purchase copywriting services than those who provide them, though the providers can certainly learn something from this, especially if they’re writing copy that isn’t getting the job done and you’re ending up with customers who aren’t exactly thrilled with the results. I have no doubt that this article won’t go down too well with some copywriters, but hey, if I can take the heat then so can everyone else.
Okay, so let’s answer the question right up here at the top. Do you always get what you pay for? The answer is a resounding NO. You don’t always get what you pay for. Sometimes you don’t even get half of what you pay for. And it’s not because these people can’t write copy. Some of these copywriters are the best in the business. They certainly know all the rules and have a way with words. Unfortunately, knowing the rules and having a way with words is only part of the copywriting puzzle.
The other part of the puzzle comes down to REALLY understanding the audience you’re reaching. And sometimes, as good as a copywriter might be, he doesn’t really understand that target market and what they’re looking for and all the research in the world isn’t going to nail that emotional trigger that is going to get these people to buy. When that happens, what you are left with is sales copy that is mechanical and ineffective. When THAT happens, sales suffer greatly.
The bottom line is this. You can pay $15,000 for sales copy and not make enough sales to go out and buy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now, in all fairness, this isn’t the only problem. A lackluster product and poor initial market research can also lead to a sales letter not doing the job it’s supposed to do. So if what you have to work with is not in demand to begin with, well, no sales letter in the world is going to turn that turkey into a prize pig.
So as a copywriter, what’s the answer? Because after all, your reputation is important and if you’re known as somebody who can’t write copy that converts, you won’t be around long. Well, the answer is simple, but many copywriters won’t want to hear it. Only write copy for projects that you know you can do because you understand the market or know that the research involved will be minimal and not directly tied to understanding emotions. That is something you really have to have a feel for unless you have the time to start interviewing people and really getting into their heads.
You don’t always get what you pay for with sales copy. But then again, that’s true throughout life.
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