How To Make Sure Your Copywriting For Marketing Campaigns Hits The Spot

If you are putting together a marketing campaign there is one crucial element that you will have to before you think about hitting the keyboards or scratching your pen across the paper.
This tip will help to drag your copy from being dull and lifeless (you know the type of business promo that stands out as much as a grain of sand at the beach!), and turns it into attention grabbing, persuasive copy that gets read.
After all, the hardest part of any marketing is getting your potential client to stop the mindless chatter and distractions that spin through our brains and get them to spend their valuable time reading your message, all the while thinking “this better be good or I’m out of here”.
So, drum roll please … here it is:
Know your audience so your copywriting hits the mark
Okay, I know that seems simple and you may think the drum role unnecessary but this is an absolute must.
Here’s why …
How well do you know the market you’re writing to? Have you “walked a mile in their shoes”, felt the fears and frustrations that keep them awake at night, shared the dreams they have and know what they secretly wish for.
Now before you think, “hey I just want to sell them my service or product, I am not a psychologist”, knowing this type of information will help you know how to make sure you target the correct message to the correct market. In other words get your message read!
Let me give you an example, using a computer sales person who wants to sell to a small business owner… Now normally he might send a boring brochure with dull cover letter stating “Get the new HP blah, blah .. it has 1 Gb, blah…” you get the idea.
Now our small business owner just goes yep, don’t need it, and guess where it ends up….straight in the bin (unless he is one of the 3% of any market that is ready to buy right away and even then this will purely serve as price point shopping guide).
Just imagine instead of the generic boring brochure the business owner gets a letter (that looks like a letter from Granny, not a window faced one that screams marketing or even worse a bill!) with the following headline …
Attention Business Owners:
“Here’s How to Easily Avoid Downtime and Financial Losses That Cripple Many Small Businesses”
Due to the fact that you’ve done some research into your market and know that small businesses are concerned by downtime for any reason and is a shared frustration in that market place you can “use language” that they would use and as a famous copywriter once said “enter the conversation that’s already going on in your clients mind”.
Using copywriting for your marketing campaign like this, hits their emotions, gets them thinking “geez I can’t afford to have any downtime, I’d better find out more”. All this stems from spending a little time digging into the mindset of your customer and will help your marketing break free from the conventional clutter that we see 5,000 times a day.
The good news is, that thanks to the internet you can now research any niche you want to market to.

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