How To Write An Effective Article In Just 20 Minutes (or Less)

I can’t afford to spend more than 20 minutes on writing an article or blog post.
Can you?
It took me 16 minutes and 43 seconds to finish this article.
Being a freelance writer, you always have a lot on you to-do list. You can’t spend hours polishing your single post/article – that’s just a sheer waste of time, and time is money.
But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality; even the headline says how to write an EFFECTIVE article – it’s not about a crappy piece of writing written in haste.
It goes without saying that you really need to have very decent typing speed.
1. Create an idea List
I always have this tiny notebook in my pocket. Whenever an idea about writing a post strikes me, I simply jot it down.
For many writers, finding an idea takes nearly half the time. But when you have dozens of off the rack ideas in your pocket, all you have to do is take them out and start writing.
2. Let your ideas hatch for a while
If you start writing on a fresh idea, it will take years for you to write anything ‘effective’.
You should let the topic sit for a few days and wait for the supporting information come to you. You may add new ideas to your list meanwhile or work on an older one.
3. Edit before you write the first word
After a few days, your mind will have superfluous information – more than you need.
It’s time to get rid of any idea that doesn’t fit with the main topic. You have to be brutal if you really want to finish your article in 20 minutes.
4. Pick a list post
List posts are not only the evergreen and highly read pieces, but they also require much less time.
Using bullet points streamlines the whole process of writing. First, write the subheads and then start filling the lines in between.
Unless you are writing on a topic you have no idea of, the words will flow as blood spills from a wound.
5. Keep it short & simple
Only write the most relevant information and keep the article length under 500 words. It will make your job possible in the given timeframe and I don’t know many ‘internet readers’ who enjoy reading colossal write-ups.
If you succeed in keeping the article short, the quality will surprise even you.
6. Don’t edit while writing
If you start editing every single line while typing, forget about 20 minutes – it might take 20 hours.
Keep writing and let the words flow. Once you have done it, quickly edit and remove any ‘garbage’.
Follow these instructions and you will be on your way to saving priceless extra minutes, increasing your productivity and earning more!

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