Internship -A Learning Experience

College education has become an important part of the life of a student. It is the period, when a student gets to learn the basics of life and how and by what means he is supposed to structure his life positively. There are many stages of a college life, where a student gets to know the true value of his life and what are his capabilities and which are the fields in which he can give his best. The college education, trains a student to face different aspects of life and fight for their rights in a proper way. Out of all the classes, training sessions, practical experiences, a student takes in his college, internship or the summer training is the period, where he gets the best possible chance to shape his career in the prospective direction. Every student doing a professional course needs to undertake summer training or internship in his respective field, which gives him a chance to explore his skills and suit himself in the work environment.
The period of the internships, vary, depending on the subject and the field to which the student belongs and depending on his course. The training program for MBA interns normally lasts for 8- 12 weeks. The objective of the internship is to benefit both the students working as interns as well as the company for which the students are working. The students get to learn the basics of their education and them turning into realities, whereas the companies could add value to their services through the creativity and the innovative skills possessed by the new generation. The internship periods, also helps a student to judge himself, whether, he would be able to adjust in the corporate environment or not. The students make sure that they give their best output in the internship period and get to earn the offer letter from the same company. The companies check the students on various aspects and give them a number of opportunities to prove their skills, if they are looking forward to retain the students.
The students must make it a point, that they choose the right company for pursuing their internship program. Many colleges in India have tie- ups with few of the main companies of the country, which provide opportunities to their students to become a part of those companies and do their internships in the respective companies. The students applying for internships, also need to go through interview rounds, in which the companies check the potential and capability of the students and whether they are apt for the company’s corporate structure or not. The students must prepare very well for their interview and give their best possible shot, so that they grab the internship opportunity in one of the most renowned companies of the country.
Internships are required to be done by the student in their graduation as well as the post graduation course, depending on the course and the curriculum structured by the college. Many colleges have internship as an integral part of their courses, which makes it compulsory for the student to pursue training program for a fixed time period in one of the renowned companies of the country. Especially in cases of courses like BBA, MBA, MCA, MMC, fashion designing, etc, it is obligatory for the students to pursue their internship for a fixed time period. The certificate and the experience gained by the students, from their internship is invaluable, because it throws a light on the students capabilities and the areas he needs to wok on, for becoming a perfect employee. The colleges in India, are very well aware of the benefits of practical sessions, required by the students to prosper in their career, therefore gives them ample opportunity to polish their skills within the college time period, with the help of internship or summer trainings.

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