2 Areas Where You Can Include Benefits In Your Sales Letter

Benefits are very important when it comes to writing your sales letter. A good phrase to keep in mind when writing your sales letter is that “features tell and benefits sell”. You will want to incorporate as much benefits as possible into your sales letter, and this includes your headlines, bullet points, and in the PS of your letter.
Benefits are critical when it comes to your sales letter. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the places of your sales letter that you can include a lot of benefits into. Here’s the first area of your sales letter that you can include benefits in.
1) Headlines
Writing a good headline is very important to your success. Your headline will make up about 80% of the success of your sales letter so it’s important that you write a headline that conveys all the features and benefits of your product. What you want to do in your headline is include the “ultimate benefit” of your particular product.
If you’re not familiar with what an ultimate benefit is, then I will briefly explain it to you. You ultimate benefit is the number 1 thing that will capture a reader’s attention and get them to say “yes” towards learning more. The purpose of your headline is to summarize your letter and to get them to read more. So if your headline can do this, you’re 50% there towards closing the sale.
The best way to find the ultimate benefit of your product is to make a “T-chart” of the features and benefits of your product. For every feature that you mention, come up with a separate and opposed benefit. Eventually after you come up with a list of benefits, you will want to find the 1 benefit that is the best. This is the benefit that you will want to include in your headline. Let’s take a look at another area where you can incorporate your benefits into.
2) Bullet points
Your bullet points are the area where your prospects will learn more about your product or service. For every bullet point that you come up with, you will want to include the features and benefits that you came up with when you created the “T-chart” above. Your bullets should serve as “mini headlines”, and should further tell the reader what it is that they will be getting out of doing business with you.
You need good bullet points because if you’re prospect didn’t have anything else to go off of, this would be the only thing that they would use to make a decision about your product – so this is why it’s important.
You should strive to find more ways to include your features and benefits into your sales letter.
Good luck with writing your sales letter and getting the sales that you want.

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