the focus will remain in Iran’s capital

Amano Nomiya 22 visit to Finland,ralph lauren.Meanwhile, in answer to the media about negotiation can achieve a breakthrough when the problem, Amano Nomiya said: "I am not so optimistic……There is no evidence that, the situation will soon change,louboutin pas cher."

according to the report, the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran to 24 in Vienna to continue the negotiations,isabel marant pas cher, the focus will remain in Iran’s capital, Tehran, about 30 kilometers southeast of the Parchin military bases to carry out verification,polo ralph lauren.In Vienna, diplomats generally are not optimistic about the negotiations to achieve results.Some western countries

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have long suspected that Iran’s nuclear program, that its real purpose is to develop nuclear weapons,abercrombie.Iran has strongly denied this.Reportedly, Iran had in the Parchin base for the test and the development of the atomic bomb,hollister.Some western countries asked the International Atomic Energy Agency as soon as possible to check there.The International Atomic Energy Agency in Iran conducted a number of negotiations,hollister uk, has so far failed to reach an agreement.(reporter Liu Gang)

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xinhuanet, Vienna 23 August,hollister uk, according to Austria media reported 23, the International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Amano Nomiya 22 days to be held in Iran and the nuclear talks are not optimistic,basket isabel marant.


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