Automated Software Testing with a superb autoclicker.

Even if your program doesn’t have many control items (buttons, menu items, settings), it’s not a light thing to test them all after every fresh release. Sometimes, a programmer pays no attention to this task, because he labored at new features and didn’t change the old ones, and they must work as they used to. This may produce fresh versions with unsteady main functions.

In this paper you will understand how to perform software testing with the superb autoclicker. You will only play the Records you need to prove that your software works as it should or to identify all bugs at a spell.

In this article AutoClickExtreme autoclicker will perform testing of Backup Expert (a very well known backup program). We’ll test the core program function – back up of the given folder with size supervision of the come out archive.

To make the experiment unmistakable, we are going to pack one and the same folder – “D:automated software testingbackup experttest folder”. The first thing, we’ll put this folder in the archive, and directly before every test we’ll uninstall the folder “D:automated software testingbackup experttest folder” and recover it from the archive. All the things are not to be done manually, but with the aid of plain *bat file. We’ll give it the name “start testing.bat”.

rmdir /Q /S “D:automated software testingbackup experttest folder”
mkdir “D:automated software testingbackup experttest folder”
xcopy /S “D:automated software testingbackup expertarchtest folder” “D:automated software testingbackup experttest folder”

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