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Are You Starting a Farm? Here’s Why Steel Frame Buildings Give You The Best Value

Did you know that 71% of UK’s total land area is agricultural land? If you’re thinking of starting a farm, you can have a long-term source of income. But first, you have to secure the needed requisites, including sufficient capital and assets such as farming equipment and farm structures (e.g. Farm buildings).

In this blog, we’re specifically tackling buildings and why those made from steel frames can give you the best value.

The Benefits of Steel Frame Buildings

When erecting agricultural buildings, many contractors recommend steel frames as a material. Here are the benefits you will reap if you have steel frame buildings for your farm.

Superior durability. As stated, farming can potentially be a long-term income-generating endeavour for you. And as such, you have to have buildings that can last for many years. Steel frame buildings are some of the most durable in the field. They can survive extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Plus, they’re also safe from termite or ant damage.

Great fire resistance. When you picture farms, you’ll probably think of wooden farmhouses which can be susceptible to fire damage. But, practically speaking, a future farmer like you should invest in assets that won’t easily succumb to fire. Steel frame structures, which are are non-flammable and combustible, are one of those.

Adequate storage space. Farming entails having several tools and equipment, livestock, and produce to store. With steel frames, you can flexibly design buildings that can cater to your storage needs. You’ll virtually have infinite options when it comes to constructing aisles, stalls, and rooms to separate your various farming belongings from one another while keeping your space as functional as it can be.

Ease of maintenance. Steel frame structures are relatively easier to erect. In the long run, they’re also easier to maintain. Compared with traditional materials like wood, you won’t have to spend a lot just to protect their structural integrity. Even when it comes to aesthetics, steel frame buildings are more convenient to maintain.

Cost-effectiveness. If you choose steel frame as your farm building material, you can generate more savings compared to your other options. As mentioned, they’re easy to maintain and they’re extremely durable. These are much-needed characteristics if you’re venturing into an occupation like farming, wherein operating costs can be quite high.

Different Farm Buildings You Can Erect In Your Property

Using steel frames, you can construct various buildings that will be vital for your farm operations. These include:

Farmhouses. Every farmer needs a trusty farmhouse. This is where you store most of your farming tools and where several business operations happen. If you plan to hire staff members, this can also provide as their dwelling place.

Barns and livestock shelters. These are spaces where you’ll keep your farm animals. These need to be built using sturdy materials so you can house your livestock safely and conveniently.

Equipment storage area. Bulkier machinery has to be stored in a dedicated storage area. Like your farm animals, your equipment must also be kept safe and protected from several outdoor elements.

Hay & feed storage. Because your farm needs hay and feed, it’s absolutely necessary to have a durable storage space just for them. These agricultural structures have to be fire-resistant.

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