How To Optimize The Use Of Your Materials Using Cutting Software

Astra Nesting Solution is a cutting software package which comprises two parts, the Astra R-Nesting component and the Astra S-Nesting component, both of which are designed for optimum use of materials. Using this software, you can create precise layouts and make sure that you get the best possible use out of your materials, with minimal off-cuts. The software is designed to be easy to use, automatically calculating your cutting layouts while also giving you the ability to manually enter cutting data.

The rectangular nesting software component of this package is Astra R-Nesting, a solution which is designed for sheet nesting and optimizing the cutting of materials such as particle board, glass, metal and plastics. It deploys a number of simple and intuitive tools which allow the user to perform a number of very useful operations. These include the ability to quickly create orders using a number of standards assemblies and you can also conveniently enter data manually or import data from various other computer aided design applications. Orders can be nested in accordance with a number of technological options automatically.

Using this cutting software, you can also edit cutting layouts by hand using functions which are specifically designed to facilitate the process. Off-cuts can be automatically calculated for use later on. The software also allows you to print out reports and labels for your materials. In addition, layouts can also be exported directly to CNC cutting machines. The costs of your orders can also be calculated and printed in the form of an invoice.

The other component of this package is the Astra S-Nesting component, designed for optimizing true-shape nesting and exporting the NC data for use with cutting machines. This software can also be used for the nesting of any material such as metal, fabric, wood or stone or other materials. Parts can be imported in the DXF format from virtually any CAD system. As with the other component of the software, you can also optimize the usage of your materials by quickly and precisely editing your nesting layouts. Automatic calculations are also supported and you can view and print all the necessary reports directly from the software itself.

The Astra Nesting Solution provides you with all the features that you need to get the best cuts, optimize the use of your materials, and keep track of exactly how much material you are using, as well as print out the relevant reports. The software is easy to use, providing you with an intuitive interface and all the support that you need. This cutting software is a must-have for any company that works with large quantities of materials such as furniture manufacturing companies, companies which produce windows and doors, machine shops or shipyards. There are simply no standard methods to achieve what this program can, and using this cutting software will save your company both money and time.

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