Farm Frenzy 2 – A Hilariously Animated Farming Simulator

Farm Frenzy 2 is one of many great games available at This site is the home to one of the largest collections of safe, unrestricted and completely free games available on the Internet. There truly is something for everyone with this extensive variety of memorable games spanning just about every genre you can ever expect to find out there. Like all of the games available at, Farm Frenzy 2 is fully-featured and does not have any limitations with regards to time or gameplay. Players will only find full games on this site – no demo versions or trial versions or software which pesters you with nag screens to purchase or register your game. You can download Farm Frenzy 2 today and start playing immediately, for as long as you like!

Farm Frenzy 2 brings all of the joys of country life to your desktop in a highly amusing, addictive and enjoyable way that will keep players enthralled for as long as they can spare. For city-dwellers and countryside-dwellers alike, this game is fun, colorful and full of fun things to do over its enjoyable and memorable set of challenges. There are plenty of mini-missions included within the main levels of the game and players will need to work on stocking up their warehouses, shipping their goods off to the farmers markets and feeding their livestock. Players need to produce 16 products in total to build up the most effective farm possible. In addition to this, they will also need to purchase 5 products from the city.

There are four different domestic animals for players to look after, raise and feed. Players will be able to make their virtual business flourish by working through the extensive set of challenges. There are twelve different buildings to build on your farm, each having three upgrades available to enhance its performance and help you get the edge in the challenges ahead of you. Players will earn money allowing them to upgrade all of these buildings and purchase the equipment they need to make the goods and keep the customers happy and coming back for more. Players will also have planes and trucks and their disposal, helping them to ship their goods off all over the world. They can also be upgraded to make them even more effective.

When they start playing, players can become the owner of cheese factories, bakeries, confectionaries and much more. However, there is a constant threat to your farm – bears! There are four types of bears which can arrive at your farm and start wreaking havoc on your livestock. You will need to use cages to trap them and prevent them from damaging your farm further! In total, you can collect 19 rewards for completing the various challenges and become the best entrepreneur in the business. The game is presented complete with colorful and funny 3D graphics, great music and plenty of hours of enjoyable and memorable gameplay. It truly offers a bumper-crop of fun! Players can find out more about the game, including screenshots and a download link at .

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