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9 Tips How To Win Clients And Build Relationships As A Young Accountant

Congratulations, you’ve recently passed the CPA Board Exam. And now you’re set to kick-off your accounting career, win clients, and build relationships with people in the industry. While it sounds cliche — doing this isn’t as simple as it seems. Apart from having a particular set of skills (which goes way beyond analyzing and computing numbers), it’s also important to widen your professional network (which you can do by joining a worldwide accountancy network).

In this article, we’re sharing with you nine ultimate tips on how you can grow from a young to a reputable accountant.

Know your ideal client. Accountants provide their services to a wide range of sectors. One of the basic steps in forging a successful career path in accountancy is to define your ideal client. This will further help determine your value proposition as well as service offerings.

Join a world wide accounting network. When you join a world wide accountant network, you’re opening doors to many possibilities. It gives you access to a huge client base and entitles you to attend networking events where you can find plenty of prospective clients.

Always have your business cards with you. This is something that any professional should not skip doing. Business cards are key in establishing a strong relationship with a client. This piece of paper bears basic information about you and gives the notion that you are willing to create a partnership with the recipient.

Invest in a professional website. Nowadays, it’s important for professionals to build an online presence as well. Having a website and a profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn is a cost-effective way of searching and gaining new clients.

Think like an entrepreneur. As a CPA, you’re not only expected to have accountancy-related skills. As this field is about building strong relationships with your network, it pays to learn how to act and think like an entrepreneur. Know your assets or “selling points,” embrace your advantages, and do your best to “market” yourself to your clients.

Be an expert listener. If you’d ask any veteran accountant from a worldwide accountancy network, you’d also learn how vital it is to sharpen your listening skills. Clients are typically drawn to business partners who know how to listen to their situation and demands. This — coupled with strong attention to details — is an essential foundation of great customer service.

Boost your people skills. Like what has been previously emphasized, being an accountant also entails having strong people skills. For you to thrive, you should know how to work with your clients and how to manage people, time, energy, and resources.

Ask current clients for referrals. One advantage of being in a worldwide accountancy network is the wide-ranging database of clients. However, this shouldn’t stop you from expanding your network on your own. One way to do so is to ask for your referrals from your current clients.

Learn how to set expectations. Of course, you have your own weaknesses as a professional. But, you shouldn’t use it to your disadvantage. Instead, learn to be transparent with all your clients and prospective ones. While stressing out your selling points is important, it’s also vital to set and manage expectations.

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