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9 Tips How to Keep Burglars Out of your Home or Business

Burglars like to scout for big fish, but this does not mean that your home is safe from them. The average home these days install CCTV Surrey systems just to watch over their place. Most also have burglar alarms Surrey so they’re notified if there is a forced entry into their home. Business establishments also have these monitoring and alarm systems. There are also other ways to protect your property from burglars.

Scout from the Outside

You need to scout from the outside and take note of your home or business establishment’s weak points. Where could a potential burglar enter if it is a home? If you have a business establishment, are your exit routes guarded and monitored to prevent shoplifters from getting away? How about when your store is closed? Can a burglar easily get in? Check the strength of your barricades if there are any, and take note of spots that may need better protection.

Inspecting interiors

The inside of your home also needs to be protected. Look at the windows and doors. Are your locks secure enough? Do you need to install more? You need to have a monitoring system so while inspecting your home, you should also choose the best spots to place your camera. If you are placing a burglar alarm, put the sensors in a place that will only activate the alarm when there is forced entry. You might want to look into smart locks for doors. These usually come with Burglar Alarms Surrey. Test your alarms in the daytime and see if the neighbors can hear it. You would want your home protected even when you are out of town. At night, don’t forget to close and lock all your windows and doors.

Consider getting dogs

Aside from being great pets, dogs can help to guard your home. They’re territorial so that means they will at least make noise when a stranger is in the house. For a commercial establishment, you can hire a guard with a K9 if extra protection is necessary. This is especially useful when you want to keep individuals with illegal substances on their body from entering the vicinity. Sometimes, K9s are also useful to track burglars who may still be hiding in your home.

Have the police number nearby

Keep the number of your local police (or simply dial the emergency number) near your phone. This way, if the alarm goes off and you spot someone on the CCTV Surrey, you can call their attention right away. Lock your bedroom doors and wait for the authorities if you feel like the burglar could physically harm you. In most cases, it’s best not to try to attack them yourself unless you caught them red-handed and there is no other way but to fight back.

Keep sensitive things off Social Media

Sometimes, people attract crime because they post every little thing on social media. This habit of oversharing can make them easy prey to burglars. Avoid sharing photos of your home. Try not to give random people a home tour. While some audiences enjoy this, this also leaves you highly vulnerable to theft. If you’re a commercial establishment, don’t let people peak into your CCTV Surrey monitor.

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