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11 Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Annual MOT

If you own a three-year-old car and are living in the United Kingdom, you need to know this one: you are required by the law to undergo a mandatory MOT test. This annually held inspection is meant to determine if your automobile is roadworthy, safe and meets environmental standards.

Taking an MOT Dartford or MOT Welling gives drivers and car owners their dose of annual anxiety. If a car doesn’t pass this test, the owner will be prompted to fix all issues and have it undergo a re-test. But, you don’t have to worry that much, because in this guide, we’ve compiled 11 tips on how to prepare for and pass the MOT.

Look into your registration plates. These plates located in front and at the back of your car serve as its identity. One of the very first things inspected during an MOT test is these plates’ readability.

Thoroughly inspect your tyres. If you have poorly maintained tyres, chances are, you’ll fail the test. Testing centres who do MOT Dartford or MOT Welling are tasked to check if a car’s set of tyres is inflated to the correct pressure.

Check if all the lights are working. Did you know that one in five vehicles don’t pass the MOT test because of lights-related issues? From headlights to sidelights to brake lights to indicators, you need to secure all of these are working.

Make sure there are no sharp edges on your car’s body. Having sharp edges will make your car hazardous to other commuters and road users. And this aspect of safety is one of the items included in an MOT test checklist.

Inspect the fluid level in your brake system’s reservoir. You will need specialised equipment to test your brakes, so as an alternative, one thing you can do is to make sure there’s enough fluid level in your brake system’s reservoir.

Check if your steering wheel is fairly tight. Like the brakes, steering is another component that’s hard to check on your own. But what you can is to test it manually — drive around and check if there’s any abnormal movement or noise when you turn.

Make sure your horn works. Your car’s horn helps prevent you from accidentally hitting someone on the road. As part of your car’s annual roadworthiness check, the inspector will confirm that your horn is finely working.

Examine if your windscreen and mirrors are in good condition. These parts of your car should be free of significant chips and cracks. You should also check if nothing obstructs your view from the rear- and side-view mirrors.

Scrutinize your exhaust and ensure it’s free from corrosion. Part of an MOT Dartford or MOT Welling test is emission. So make sure your exhaust is secure and is not damaged by any corrosion.

Take time to make your car presentable. Some inspectors can really be picky that having a messy interior prevents him from actually starting the test. Before going to the test, make your car look presentable — from the inside, all the way to the outside.

Keep your MOT logs. To make it easier for you and your inspector on your next MOT test appointment, it’s highly advisable to keep your MOT logs as a reference.

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