How To Wear Pastels for Easter and Look Like a Grownup!

It’s hard to believe Easter is just around the corner! And tradition says we must dress the part with sugary sweet pastels and floral patterns. But why must we conform to these particular hues, normally reserved for newborn announcements and little girls’ tea parties ?!

Pastel colours at Easter have a longstanding symbolism. Pastel colours actually represent new beginnings, and that includes Spring! As you can probably guess, yellow represents the colour of the sun, green for the grass, lavender and pink for flowers, blue for the sky… These colours have long been known as Easter colours, and most of us can remember Easter Sundays and being dressed up quite similar to an actual Easter egg!

Not your style? Not to worry!

Here’s how to wear pastels and still look like a rock star :

  • Choose your pastel in leather—maybe a jacket, trousers, or other accessories that will toughen up your look and make sure no one mistakes you for a delicate flower!

  • Go for metallic pastels—metallic items and accessories are super trendy right now, and you can find metallic pastel colours that will provide an edgy look, despite being pink or baby blue!

  • Skip the white accessories—instead of a white belt or shoes or bag, try a darker colour like brown or grey to set off the pastels with a classier, modern look.

  • Edgy jewelry—adding some studded or chunky gold jewelry or other accessories will tone down the childish vibe of the pastels, and give you a very trendy edge.

  • Patterns mixed with black—bold patterns that mix pastels and black, especially with stylish geometric shapes, are perfect for wearing the obligatory pink or lavender, yet keeping your fashionable edge.

No matter what you choose to wear on Easter Sunday, Spartoo has the clothing, bags and shoes you need! We have selected some of the latest trends in shoes that you can easily wear on Easter and keep your fashion sense in tact.

Check it out:

These mint green luxury mary janes from Cristofoli have a retro style that you can wear all year round.

Irregular Choice are known for having a fun, retro look, with some very girly styles! This pair is perfect for Easter with its floral design!

Slip on trainers are the biggest trend of Spring, and there’s no reason you can’t have a pair in every colour, including these pink ones from Vans!

The Vivienne Westwood collection by Melissa is a must-have for those who know the brand. Super stylish and super comfortable, these sweet baby blue heels have a sassy style and an unapologetically modern look.

You don’t have to be a girly girl to wear lavender, as you can see with this super low Converse sneakers. They’ll go perfectly with any Easter dress!

And even if you won’t be finding yourself covered in pastel colours this Easter Sunday, Spartoo UK has the shoes you’ll need for any occasion, with free delivery and returns on all the new collections for Spring and Summer!

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