Why Writers Have To Ask For The Sale

This is the number one biggest mistake that most writers make when trying to convert readers into buyers. I understand it completely. It’s also the number one mistake I made for more than two years. I’m really glad I don’t make it anymore.
Though I read over and over again and people told me over and over that I needed to actually ask for the sale, I wasn’t willing to ask for the sale. They shy part of me always stood in the way. I thought that I was being good to my audience and refusing to be pushy or rude, but in reality my readers wanted more from me but I just didn’t give them any instruction on how to get it.
It’s not just about sales. A “sale” to you can be a retweet on Twitter. It can be an opt-in into your list. It can be a like on Facebook. It’s really whatever you want your reader to do. But the point is you have to ask your reader to do it, because they are not going to guess and they don’t know. Always be sure to give a crystal clear call to action and make it easy for them to follow through.
Here’s the thing that helped change my mind. The thing is, your call to action is at the bottom of your copy, so a reader didn’t get there by accident. As long as you gave them a compelling headline and then delivered on the promise of that headline with really great copy, and you got your reader all the way to the end of the page, they are in the perfect frame of mind to do what you are going to ask them to do-and you need to capitalize on that, as a writer. Don’t be shy. Step out of yourself and go ahead and ask for what you need your reader to do. You will be surprised at how often they do it!
One more thing to remember: always over-deliver every single possible chance you can. If you’re asking for their email address and you want them to opt into your list, then make sure that whatever you’re offering them is out of this world fantastic. It’s the best that you can possibly give them. Because really, that does make all the difference in the world. You do that, and they’ll be willing to answer your call to action again and again and again.

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