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9 Ways Letting Agents Make Life Easier For Landlords

The job of a landlord is one that not everyone is capable of doing. Being a landlord comes with a long list of responsibilities and with that an even longer list of problems. Yes, it can be a lucrative business, but sometimes the work is better left at the hands of trained estate agents in Ashford.

Working with letting agents in Ashford can be the best decision a landlord like yourself can make. Here are a handful of reasons why letting agents are worth hiring:

1: Save Time

Keeping up with renovations, maintenance, and upkeep of a property is time-consuming and demanding. Not everyone has the time or luxury to do so, especially when managing several properties. Estate agents in Ashford can help you save time and effort by taking on the majority of your responsibilities.

2: Advertise Available Properties

Letting agents in Ashford will be in charge of advertising all the available properties for letting. With their experience and expertise, they will ensure all properties are seen in the best light possible.

3: Property Care And Maintenance

There’s no need to drop by to care and maintain every property for let because the agent will be in charge of ensuring everything is in excellent shape.

4: Interview The Best Tenants

Finding the right tenants can be challenging, especially if you have multiple spaces for rent. An agent has access to information and does the background checks for you to ensure all possible tenants are the best of the lot.

5: Handle Deposits

The estate agent will also be in charge of depositing the rent to your account so there’s no need to go out of your way to make regular deposits. With the help of an agent, all deposits will also be on time. If not, they will follow up with the tenants on your behalf.

6: Inventory Checks

Checking the inventory of furnished properties will also be done by the agent. If there are broken, damaged, or missing items they will speak to the tenant before returning the deposit.

7: Quickly Let Out Properties

Thanks to the network estate agents have access to, they can easily let out several properties which will increase their profitability.

8: Ensures Everything Is Legal

It is up to the agent to check and double-check that all of the properties they are handling is up to code. There’s no need to worry about checking the legal side of letting because agents and the company they work for have a legal team that stays on top of these matters for you.

9: Deals With Tenant Complaints And Issues

Unruly and unreasonable tenants can be the worst nightmare of landlords. If this has been your main issue, hiring an estate agent is the best solution. With their help, you don’t have to face the tenants or deal with any of their complaints in person. The agent will be the bridge between yourself and the tenant which can help ease the stress off your shoulders.

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