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In a globalised world it may seem trivial to underline the origin of a product, but nowadays it’s important to assure clientele that entire production is all studied, designed and assembled in I..

10552: Scarves spring summer collection
Firstly the colors. Grey in its hues of asphalt, blackboard or gull grey or the various hues of brown remain the basis for all arrangements, Pyaar’s real essence. At the same time there is space..

10553: To Do List Software: 6 Quick Tips for Getting More Done
For many of us, the pressures of daily life - particularly our working lives - demands that we have in place at least some rudimentary form of task management system, to help us juggle our burgeoning ..

10554: Button Creator Tips: 6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website's Conversions
One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of operating a website, particularly one selling some kind of product or service, is the process of maximizing conversions. Conversions are those vis..

10555: Energy Saving in Evaporative Towers
An evaporative tower is a thermal machine employed to regenerate cooling water feeding industrial thermoregulation systems, often used in big plants working with high heat amounts to be managed, but a..

10556: Package Software with a Free Installer
Free installer software which provides all of the features that you need to create professional, fast and user-friendly installation packages is certainly not all that common. Fortunately, there is a ..

10557: Package Software with InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer
One of the most important steps of software production is making the final installation package that makes it quick and easy for your customers to install your software. InstallAware Studio for Window..

10558: Article Review Software for Searchable PDF Files (A Research PDF Search Tool for Literature Review)
This article discusses about article review and how ease we can do it using PrepLit software technology. With this current computer era, most papers are kept in the searchable PDF file format. We can ..

10559: Distribute Your Software with Download Sites
Getting your software to the masses is essential if you want your business to be a success. Getting the largest audience largely relies on having your software listed on as many of the popular downloa..

10560: Convert YouTube to MP3 on your Mac for free
On YouTube one can find latest music hits, movie soundtracks, interesting interviews or lectures etc. All these records are available for free, but how we can load them to our iPod, iPad, iPhone, or a..

10561: Sample rate converter for lossless audio
How achieve qualitative results of digital signal processing (DSP) of lossless audio files? Lossless audio need "lossless" processing. Unfortunately many processings is "un-lossless&quo..

10562: Driver update at your fingertips with the new DriverMax - the best driver updater
Driver update has never been easier. With its simple and no-nonsense interface, DriverMax offers driver update, system scanning, driver backup and restore features absolutely free. The easy interface ..

10563: Mobile Marketing and Advertising Resources
Modern day buyers within dozens of countries worldwide have come to anticipate huge numbers of facts via organizations of most sorts, starting from athletic shoe producers and also rapid foodstuff ven..

10564: Train your body with a new best app FitSync!
Train your body with a new best app FitSync! FitSync is the next best thing to a workout buddy. It helps you keep track of your workout progress, suggests new exer..

10565: Best Replacement for Your Windows Task Management Tool is Auslogics Task Manager
Ever wonder about what really goes on in your computer's "brain"? Especially when you try to do something on it, while your machine hesitates for a moment and you know that there is something happenin..

10566: All Your System Configuration Info at Your Fingertips with Auslogics System Information
When buying a computer, you usually pay attention to such things as the size of memory and hard drive, the CPU speed, the kind of video card or number of USB ports. You probably analyze and compare lo..

10567: Get your Windows Registry in Perfect Shape with Auslogics Registry Defrag
Even if you are just an average computer user with not much technical knowledge, you have most likely heard of the Windows Registry and are aware of what an important role it plays in your operating s..

10568: Keep Your Windows Registry Clean with Auslogics Registry Cleaner
To most people who are not computer professionals, Registry is a scary word. The most you may know about the Windows Registry is that it plays a very important role in the operating system's work, and..

10569: Recover Exchange Server Databases with Exchange Recovery Wizard
Exchange Recovery Wizard is a data recovery solution for damaged Microsoft Exchange Server databases in the EDB or STM formats. The program also provides a conversion utility for converting healthy da..

10570: Auslogics Duplicate File Finder: Delete Duplicate Files for Free
There comes a time when your hard drive becomes so full that there is hardly any space left - you can't install new software and you even can't defrag because there is not enough free space. When this..

10571: Some tips on how to make video games for smartphones
Smartphones have flooded the market with their phones and their app games for several years. The watershed was the iPhone (Apple), closely followed by Android (Google) and recently by Windows Phone (M..

10572: Auslogics BoostSpeed: the Best Way to Speed Up Your Computer
It doesn't take long for your fast new computer to become as slow as a snail. Windows starts taking ages to start up, your programs don't run the way they used to and everything you do takes a lot lon..

10573: A great app that will give you the answer to any question you need!
Have you ever wondered how to Tie a Tie, How to get Six pack Abs, or How to Delete a Facebook account? Now matter what your question, the WikiHow app will s..

10574: Recover Deleted Files with Auslogics File Recovery
There is nothing worse than losing important business files or your treasured photos. Unfortunately, disasters happen and sometimes files get deleted by accident - you click on "Yes" instead of "No", ..

10575: Outlook 2012 Beyond Black Swans
Geneva, 30 November 2011 2011 was the year of black swans – those highly improbable occurrences that turn the world economy on its head. So what black swans could be in store for 2012? Central ..

10576: Are You Ready A Nice Gift for Christmas?
When Christmas is coming every year, we will prepare the gifts for our family members and friends to express our thanks and love to them. For this year’s Christmas, are you ready to send gifts t..

10577: Track your working hours with a new usefull app Workaholic!
Track your working hours with a new usefull app Workaholic! Workaholic is a location-aware app which allows you to clock in/out and track hours worked for your j..

10578: A new racing game will give you control over the most extreme muscle cars in the world!
A new racing game will give you control over the most extreme muscle cars in the world! Raging thunder is a gut-churning, tyre burning racing game that gives you c..

10579: Faster Network Inventory with NEWT Professional
IT professionals have always needed to cope with the growing difficulty that accompany monitoring an growing quantity of personal computers like a business develops. This kind of require is generally ..

10580: All Menu Icons Bundle Packs 13,000 Icons into a Huge Value Pack
All Menu Icons Bundle Packs 13,000 Icons into a Huge Value Pack Shopping for stock graphics and want the best value? Stop right here: the collection of All Menu Icons bundles thirteen thousand unique..

10581: Stock Toolbar Icons Make Software Development Better
Ready-made icons are today's standard for rapid application development. Offering significant savings over custom-made icons or outsourced icons, ready-made icons not only make software development le..

10582: Capture Anything on your Screen with Movavi Screen Capture
Movavi Screen Capture enables you to record anything and everything that's happening on your computer screen - no matter whether you're playing videos, working with applications, or just browsing the ..

10583: Burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray with a Full-Featured DVD Burner
For many casual computer users, the inclusion of a DVD burner in all of the more recent editions of Windows was very welcome indeed. However, many users quickly found this feature to be limited, inste..

10584: Spruce Up Your Applications with Custom Icons.
Icons are one of the most essential parts of almost any user interface, whether it be software for a computer or for the newest Smartphone. Having high quality icons in your projects is essential for ..

10585: Professional Coin Collecting Software - Advanced Database for Managing Your Numismatic Collectibles
Now Available - Professional Coin Collecting Software (PCCS) for the coin hobbyist and professional numismatistUntil now, managing information about your rare coins and numismatic investments required..

10586: secureSWF from Kindi: ActionScript Obfuscator to Protect SWF Files and Encrypt Flash Apps
Flash applications are vulnerable to decompilers. Once someone was able to download your SWF file they can use a Flash decompiler to view the source code which you have invested many hours writing. An..

10587: Enjoy Professional-Looking Results with Aero Toolbar Icons
Aero Toolbar Icons for Windows 8 is a high quality icon pack developered for developers of applications and websites. It offers the newest formats and the best level of quality, making it ideal for ap..

10588: Draw and Edit Icons with Free Icon Editor
When looking for an utility to draw or modify icons, what type of products will you consider? A complete image editing studio loaded with features, taking the entire DVD and with a price of over half ..

10589: What Can My Browser Do For Me?
Browsers, who needs 'em? Well, basically, we all do so why not make the best of a neccessity. Let's take a look at some of the things we want from a browser, perhaps over and above a basic ..

10590: What Type Of Hardware And Software Do I Need To Create Beats?
The possibilities of making music at home for amateur musicians have really gotten popular, mostly thanks to breakthroughs in technology for home computers. Whether you're a jazz musician who needs so..

10591: Automate the Handling of New Files with File Monitor
File Monitor is a program for automating the handling of new files and taking a lot of the work off your hands. The software monitors specified folders for new file creations or updates and deals with..

10592: How to Override In-use Dimension Styles in ZWCAD
When we use Design Center to override a dimension style (of which one with the same name already exists in the drawing), ZWCAD pops up a message that says that "...dimstyle(s) added. Duplicate definit..

10593: Add ASP.NET File Upload Functionality to Your Website
Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload makes it easy to add a file upload feature to your website. It is easy to use and efficient too. It makes it easy for your website's visitors to upload data thanks to its u..

10594: Try the only accelerometer tunnel racing game that supports 3D glasses!
Try the only accelerometer tunnel racing game that supports 3D glasses! Speedx 3D is an accelerometer controlled tunnel racing game with amazing 3D graphic..

10595: A Value Pack of Menu Icon Sets for Software Developers
Looking for a bargain in stock icons? How about getting 13,000 unique images at 3 cents apiece? The All Menu Icons set is a huge value pack of royalty-free stock graphics. Throwing 13,188 unique icons..

10596: Debt management / Debt management companies
What is worst: death or debt? Imagine being overwhelmed by financial documents every week because you haven’t settled your dues yet. Debt collectors are already calling you non-stop to question ..

10597: High Quality Web 2.0 Icons for Your Apps
Making a Web 2.0 application? If you're doing a lot of them, you'll require a quality collection of graphics to rely upon. Aha-Soft brings you an ideal solution: a set of All Perfect Icons designed to..

10598: Toolbar Icons for Application Developers
Today's products featuring graphical user interface are hard to imagine without colorful graphics. Windows, Linux and mobile developers use dozens or even hundreds of images in their products. Where d..

10599: Spend Less on Communications by Using a Video Conferencing Server
Any successful business needs to have a fast, efficient and affordable way of carrying out communications between different departments and members of staff. In these days of high technology and an ab..

10600: Listen to Your Audio Files Anywhere with Hamster Free Audio Converter
Back in the earlier days of personal computers, there were very few different audio formats. This made it easier to play your music files in your favorite media player without any annoying compatibili..

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