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9751: How To Talk Your Way Out Of Trouble
You may have read the article I posted recently on receiving an invitation out of the blue to address a targeted audience of 500 couples and thereafter engage in a book signing ceremony.It sounds too ..

9752: Brutal Honesty About The Freelance Writing Business
Every now and again, I get emails or have people adding me on my Facebook account asking me if it was possible for them to become a freelance writer because:- a. They're a mother who is looking for ex..

9753: Five Easy Ways To Write And Sell More
Globalization affects writers too. In 2005, you'll find yourself competing with writers from all over the world for space in newspapers, magazines, on the bookshelves - and online, of course. You can,..

9754: Freelancing - Pleasure Or Business
You shouldn't be afraid to think of your freelance writing as a business. If you make any money it is certain the IRS will.For many writers the art of writing becomes so personal that they have a diff..

9755: How To Avoid Cliches - That Sounds Familiar
When writing articles, stories for full blown manuscripts it is often in your best interest to avoid common phrases or colloquialisms. Many writers refer to the overuse of these phrases as cliche and ..

9756: Inspiration Is Right In Front Of You
I've been back in Maryland for almost three years and some days that seems like a lifetime. I miss Hawaii with all it's beauty but most of all I miss the ocean. Each beach offered a different wave pat..

9757: How To Cultivate Greatness In Your Writing
There's a television commercial, I believe it's for E-trade, that talks about how nobody wants to be an ordinary...fill in the blank. Supposedly we aspire to be better. Nobody wants to be an ordinary ..

9758: Award Winning Author Dyanne Davis Advice To New Authors
Recently I had the good fortune to interview author Dyanne Davis. Dyanne's first novel "The Color Of Trouble" won an Emma for Favorite New Author in 2004. Her much anticipated second novel "The Weddin..

9759: Prose An Overview Analysis Of Exposition
Prose needs to be defined first of all. According to most dictionaries and literature resources, prose is the ordinary form of written language which is not poetry, drama, or song. Prose is one of the..

9760: Research Tips For Writers And Beginner Journalists
Research for news or feature stories is very different to academic study. Time limits or 'deadlines' are usually more critical and the depth of information required is much less. In journalism, resear..

9761: Coming To Secaucus New Jersey? Check This Out
Secaucus New Jersey is right across the river from Manhattan! There are plenty of things to do and see on both sides of the river. There are things to do in Secaucus New Jersey that you probably never..

9762: How To Write A Great Ghost Story
Why do some ghost stories keep you up all night, staring at your closet and checking under your bed?Why do other ghost stories produce giggles or complete boredom?Here are thoughts on what makes the P..

9763: Helpful Tips For Tackling Your Property Improvement Projects
Even though hardwood floors are popular to the initial ground, try and add carpets and rugs towards the secondly ground areas. It is then at ease with moving away from mattress, as carpeting is deluxe..

9764: Twelve Step Program For Addictive Writers
Though you may think this is a program to help get over your writing addiction - it's just the opposite. We're here to help you become better at your addicitve nature.Step One: Admit you have a proble..

9765: What Comes First - Characters Or Plot
How do you actually begin a novel - by working out the plot, or starting with a character? And which is best?The answer is probably pretty much what you expected: no one method is "best". In fact, man..

9766: To Read Or Not To Read About Writing, That Is The Question
With all the books and articles published about how to write, one wonders why every want-to-be-author isn't published. Some people think the profusion of reading material dealing with how and why to w..

9767: Writing For Children What Drives A Children's Story
If someone were to ask you what it is about some of your favorite books that you find most compelling, you may be inclined to answer with something like, "It has an exciting plot," "It's fast paced," ..

9768: Building Web Content for Your Site
Writers and editors have to maximize their markets if they want to survive. Freelancing is never easy, but it can get a lot more profitable if you think about including web content in your repertoire...

9769: Muscle Mass Building Suggest That Can Work For Everyone
Stay with the "major about three" to boost your upper body muscle tissue. Chin ups, press ups and dips have long been the simplest way to job these muscle tissue, and so they don't need much fitness c..

9770: Obtaining a Phlebotomy Accreditation
There are many phlebotomy jobs on offer in the market. You can search on the internet for employment or launch your own practice by getting a tie-up arrangement with health facilities, facilities and ..

9771: Hack Wifi Password Easily .
Wireless Password Recovery is a powerful yet user-friendly tool for analysing the security status of your wireless network. It is also one of the world's most effective products for recovering WPA or ..

9772: Finish Your Software Projects with a Reliable Windows Installer
With software products, first impressions and ease of installation mean a lot and because of this, the importance of creating a user-friendly installation package is great indeed. InstallAware Studio ..

9773: Your Writer's Voice Is Inside You
Why do you write?I write to change my world by revising and giving it a happy ending. I think most write fiction to create new realities and new ways of expressing ourselves. It gives us the power to ..

9774: Using Quotations When You Need Permission
First of all, here's my disclaimer. I'm not a lawyer. The following is based on my own research and, as you'll see, every situation is different. That's why the use of quotes can be confusing. I do ho..

9775: Package Your Software with an Automated Installation Wizard
InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer is the ultimate tool for software developers who need to package their products in a user-friendly installation file that is ready for distribution. It pro..

9776: New Year's Writing Resolutions Steps to Success!
Don't you just love it when people make resolutions for the new year? How many people that you know give up on a resolution once they break it? Really, whoever said that if you fail [or fall] once tha..

9777: Yep, Just Another How To Create Informational Products Article
Any man, woman, and in some cases, any child, can write a saleable product on any subject as long as they have the knowledge of that subject through personal experience, research, or both. The list of..

9778: Two Styles of Mystery Writing The Cozy And The Hard-Boiled
Cozy novels do not have graphic violence, and little or no sexual content and abusive language. Society is "viewed as orderly and controlled, and the crime is a failure of the society to function corr..

9779: How Editors Use Reader Reports To Make Contract Offers
Congratulations!You've cleared the first hurdle in commercial publishing. Whether through an agent or your own submission, the editor is interested in your book proposal (a package that included your ..

9780: Five Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity Fast - For Writers And Others
Commit to following these five strategies for a month, and you'll be more productive --- that's a promise.Note: although my strategies are geared to writers, they will work for you no matter what your..

9781: Common Errors In Academic Writing
Three of the most common phrases you'll find in academic books are:Due to the fact that;It is interesting to note; andI think that.All three are unnecessary, and actually serve to reduce author "autho..

9782: New To Freelance Writing Eight Crucial Points You Need To Know
Figure out a topicThe key here is to find a topic that is not too general. For example, writing an article on proper nutrition is too broad. Narrow down your topic to proper nutrition for athletes. Th..

9783: How To Format A Manuscript To Mail To A Publisher
You've spent months or maybe years writing your novel. You've presented it to your critique group, made revisions and had it professionally edited. After studying the market guide you've found publish..

9784: Nine Steps To Successfully Writing Your Novel
Writing a novel is not as difficult as you might think, and completing a novel is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. However, it's not without its problems.Many people dream of writing t..

9785: Helping Clients Overcome Their Writer's Block
If you write for a living, that is, if you write articles for clients you often have heard about writer's block. Personally, I think the topic is overdone and simply something that comes about when th..

9786: Newsletter Editors Are Writers Too
I love to write. I begin writing with kid-lit for my grand-kids, home made just for them. I write for fun. I have also written some rants and a few random thoughts. I write nothing fancy, PC (punctuat..

9787: Putting The Critics In Their Place
I once read that if you were a writer, it wasn't enough to just write. "You must publish what you write" was the given advice. I believe that's true and it's great advice. But when you do that, you ha..

9788: Good Writing Requirs Good Speling And Grama!
"Who could have sent me this terrible email, and what did they want?" I thought to myself! Was this person some kind of jokester or was this a practical joke of some kind?The email was sent to me by a..

9789: Writing Poetry Ready, Steady, Go!
So you are a beginner in poetry and need some easy tips to get over "the block"? First and foremost, remember that you are not alone! Any aspiring poet needs to work hard to produce a good poem. Do no..

9790: Word Frequency Analysis As A Means To Improve Writing Quality
In the old times of Windows 1.0 back in the 1980's there was a tool called Word Frequency that came with the MS Word distribution package. As someone who uses English as a second language I used it he..

9791: Should You Write In First Or Third Person
Early in the process of writing, every writer will need to make a decision -- what person to write in?Traditionally, English grammar has divided references to people into three categories, to refer to..

9792: Spell Checking Disaster Don't Let This Happen To You
Unfortunately, too many people have begun to rely on spell checking software as their only means of editing. The unwritten rules are that anything going to a friend gets sent the way it is typed witho..

9793: Seven Ways To Inject Suspense Into Your Novel
Certain genres are renowned for being more suspenseful than others: horror, crime fiction and romantic suspense, but each and every book, no matter whether it's an Historical Romance or a Paranormal F..

9794: Getting To And From Secaucus New Jersey
Secaucus New Jersey is home to some of the finest retail stores and outlet stores in the region. Hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes make it and ideal destination for weekend getaways. Thi..

9795: Your Words Are Your Own Product
If you've never come up with any ebooks or digital products on your own but you've been writing articles and posting in forums, then you're in for a big surprise.You won't believe that you already hav..

9796: Smart Phone App For sending HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email
MDofficeMail is proud to announce the release of iPhone/iPad App and Android App for their HIPAA compliant Email Encryption Service, Crypt-n-Send.By installing this app iPhone/iPad and Android phone u..

9797: Repair Your PC with Active@ Boot Disk
If you find yourself in a situation where your PC simply refuses to start up, you will need to try out some startup repair or data recovery tasks in order to fix your computer or, if the problem is ev..

9798: Steps To Incorporate Self Nurturing Into Your Writing Routine
All of us have suffered from it at one time or another, the dreaded word "burnout." We often think, "Oh, I'll just power through this." Or "I've got a deadline to meet I can't possibly stop now, I won..

9799: Writing Fiction Developing Your Book-length Story
When you feel you have a great idea for a long story, it's wise to think about the end result of your efforts before you begin the process of writing. Ask yourself some questions:Who is my target audi..

9800: Planning Your New Zealand Wedding
If you are reading this article, chances are that you or a loved one is planning a wedding. First of all, congratulations! Not long ago, my husband and I were planning our own wedding, and, as you pro..

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