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9251: Story Idea Thanksgiving, Gratitude And Forgiveness
Thinking about story ideas and that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, maybe it is a good time to consider writing a story about that.You could write a story about a Thanksgiving tradition that ..

9252: A Guide To Writing Website Content
Websites are a very effective way to communicate information to a wide audience from all over the world, and there are a few techniques that are required for writing website content to effectively com..

9253: Unique 4 Tips To Start Writing Marketing Blogs
Are you in pursuit of good ideas and tips to get the company blog started? Looking for ways to inculcate and integrate the 4Ps of marketing? Inquire if the marketing department of your company is plan..

9254: How To Maintain Your 3 Greatest Writing Assets
Have you given much thought to the assets we posses as writers? Oh, believe me. I do. I think about these assets every single day, as the common phrase says, 24/7. If we don't properly maintain our th..

9255: Getting Your Book Published The Guerrilla Guide
Life as a professional writer involves more than just writing a book and mailing it off to a publisher or agent. You must be capable of doing the work. Ask yourself: "Do I have what it takes to be a p..

9256: Short Story Writing - A Viable Route To Publication For Older Writers
Many people take up writing as a hobby or as a more serious undertaking later in life - maybe even after what would be considered by many retirement age. This article looks at one way the older writer..

9257: How To Write From Home For A Living
The other day, I bumped into an old friend from school. He'd fallen into the same trap that many people do in their mid-twenties - working, but unhappy. He didn't like his job, his colleagues or, to b..

9258: The Definition Of A Short Story
I'm a writer. I write short stories. They generally fit into the genre of science fiction. That sounds pretty simple, right? No wiggle room or anything. Before reading any of my stuff, you probably ha..

9259: The Genius Of The Birth Of Your Creative Self
After taking several strokes from time to time, I soon figured out that maybe my passion wasn't probably going to come through my academic quest but rather my passion.This brings me to the point where..

9260: Writing Tips - When To Place A Paragraph Break
Paragraphs are the stepping stones of a story. The reader steps neatly, paragraph by paragraph, along the story path, with each stepping stone leading the reader into a new unexpected direction. So ho..

9261: How To Write A Good Short Story
With the rise in self publishing, writers everywhere are embracing the challenge of having something to sell to fans. But if the idea of a full length novel scares you, perhaps you might want to write..

9262: How To Write A Corporate Profile Brochure
When it comes to any print medium, I always get a bit of a high when I send the "print" go-ahead to my design associates. This giddy ill-at-ease feeling is easy to explain - with the electronic medium..

9263: You Can Get Rich Being An Author, And Other Author Myths
If you become an author, you will make big bucks. That's all you have to do, write and publish the book, and then money falls out of the sky. Wrong. According to Authors, when an author..

9264: The Choice For A Good Creative Writing Program
No matter what you are aiming for, pleasure of a hobby or to find extra means to earn money, creative writing program courses could help you through skills development. Although full time writing care..

9265: Word Count Versus Creative Writing
I believe writing is an art form, not a race. And yet, I read dozens of posts wherein authors agonize in being unable to write 5,000 words every day.I used to track my word count thinking I should ste..

9266: Structure And The Novel - The Opening Act
We've talked about how the opening of a novel-both the beginning line, and the first chapter-works to hook your reader. So now you have a sensational start, and you're speeding into your story, full s..

9267: Awakening Of The Novice Writer
I'm often asked to give advice to novice writers. Since I've recently graduated as a published author, the road to this success is still fresh in my mind. It's was story full of heros and villans, pit..

9268: From Hear To Their - The Importance Of Hiring A Proofreader
Anyone who writes with the intent to publish should get to know and employ the skills of a good proofreader. A proofreader is a critical member of your publication team and the last line of defense ag..

9269: Three Awesome Tips To Improve Your Creative Writing
If I accidentally bumped into you in the school hallway or elevator and by my name-tag you realized that I was the visiting author for "Author Day," what would you do? Would you introduce yourself and..

9270: How To Write Short Stories For Kids - 7 Steps
I will not bore you with sophisticated sentences that prove my originality and get your attention, only because this article is not about being original. You've searched for it and now you have them h..

9271: Brief Description Of The Many Styles Of Editing
Well, what can I say about copy editing, usually just called editing, as a field? I have been at the process of becoming an editor for well over the past 30 years, so I should have something worthwhil..

9272: Short Story Writing - How To Overcome Writer's Block
Last night when you couldn't sleep, you plotted out a brilliant story while you stared into the darkness. You could see the characters as they exchanged witty, emotive dialogue, and no reader will eve..

9273: Transition Sentences - What They Are, And How To Make Them
Transition sentences are a little tricky to master, but once you learn the "trick", your problems will be over. First of all - what is a Transition Sentence? It is a sentence that builds a bridge from..

9274: 10 Benefits Of Meditation For Writers
You're a busy writer, right? You can't afford to waste time on meditation.There's so many things going on in your life.How can you possibly interruption your writing for 10 or 20 minutes to meditate?F..

9275: Dreaming Of Becoming An Author
Do you dream of becoming an author? Experts say over eighty percent of people want to write a book. Why is it so few who accomplish the task? Let's be honest, writing a book can be difficult. In the b..

9276: How Memoir Writing Services Work
Memoir writing services have ghostwriters who can collaborate to write your memoirs. Such services will produce your complete memoirs. Writing a memoir is a great way to share life stories with our ch..

9277: How To Avoid Embarrassing Editing Marks On Your Word Documents!
Ever get a document back from an editor that has tons of red or blue lines (maybe even some green ones), and have no idea how to get rid of them all, or view the document the way it's supposed to look..

9278: Want To Write A Book The Best Two Word Writing Advice
What is the best advice you can hear to help you write a book?Two words: Show up. The more you show up to write your book, the better chance you will not only write a book, but complete and publish it..

9279: The Author Who Slept With A Story Idea
Find an IdeaWriter's best story ideas often come when they are least prepared to record them. For example: while driving in the fast lane on the freeway, at the theatre watching a movie, taking a show..

9280: Five Advantages Of Blogging For Aspiring Authors
There are two broad categories of blogs. One category where professionals showcase the products and services on offer, and the other kind where people just pour out their personal thoughts, opinions a..

9281: How To Give Your Poems The Edge In Competitions
Entering poetry competitions can be fun and sometimes very profitable. The prizes can range from simply being published to thousands of pounds! Yes, there really are competitions that offer huge prize..

9282: An Overview Of Fantasy Writing
When one thinks of fantasy, JRR Tolkien comes to mind. Peter Jackson's wonderful movie trilogy of Tolkien's work highlights all the elements which embody the fantasy genre.Fantasy doesn't deal with th..

9283: Memoir Writers - Create Your Life Story In Your Own Words
Memoir writers and ghostwriters are invaluable for those who want to write a memoir. You can hire the services of memoir writers from a professional memoir writing service providers. They will use the..

9284: WRITING SKILLS Enhance With These 5 Creative Tools
I have acronym inspired insight. Here, my picks that the word 'WRITE' collaborates with and envelope top 5 products are: W rite; R esearch; I nternalize; T ransfer; E xperience. However, to use these ..

9285: 5 Easy Writing Fixes The Beauty Of Search And Replace For Book
You have finished a rough draft of a chapter or written your book, filled with bursts of inspiration. You have done some rewriting for your book. You wonder, What can I do next to make this book manus..

9286: Short Story Writing - Six Things You Need To Be A Professional Writer
You love words and stories, and you dream of seeing your work published. But do you have what it takes? What do you need to transform your dreams into a practical plan? This checklist will help you st..

9287: Four Reasons You Should Be Writing
1. It's good for your brain.The ability to say things correctly and in a manner that is understood by the reader is a bedrock skill of an educated person. Not just for someone who makes his/her living..

9288: Writing Courier Sales Letters And Emails
Writing sales letters is an art that can take a bit of practice. This article highlights the four most common mistakes and offers some tips.When anyone opens a letter or an email, they think "What's i..

9289: How To Write A Character Who Could Sink The Titanic
When you write a character, remember that people are a lot like icebergs. 90% of an iceberg is submerged below sea level, which is why they are so good at sinking Titanics. People are much the same. T..

9290: Want To Find Out How To Write A Best Seller
The Internet and eBooks have made it easier than ever for people to fulfil their ambitions and get a book published. But judging by some of the books out there that may not be a good thing. So how do ..

9291: Non Fiction Books How To Write Them In 6 Steps
It does not matter how good or proficient you are in your area of expertise, or how much time you devoted to writing non fiction books or how many pages your original has. Publishers will not be incli..

9292: On Writing - The Overuse Of Adjectives And The Problems They Create
It seems as though everyone has had an English teacher in high school who wanted things described in the most florid terms possible. This enthusiasm for abundant description was often championed in co..

9293: How To Approach Your First Novel
Having just finished my first novel I thought I would share some lessons I have learned about the mechanics of 'how' to approach writing your book.In summary:1. Pin down your story and target market u..

9294: Best Approaches To Stop Snoring Now
This makes the neck a lot more fleshier and hefty and when you sleep this bodyweight provides far more pressure on your airways by blocking them. It is clever to look into stop snoring Gadgets Critiqu..

9295: Phlebotomist Qualification And Training Expectations
The technique of drawing blood from patients to use in diagnostic tests, transfusion as well as storage is termed phlebotomy. In most instances, online phlebotomy training programs are in fact better ..

9296: Hoboken and the Erie Lackawanna Railroad
With the advent of highways and airports, it’s easy to forget that the most important form of transportation the United States of America has yet seen has, historically, been neither the automobile ..

9297: The Secret To Creating Time To Write A Book
Are you not writing your book because you cannot find the time?Or do you insist you need a longer amount of time than you have to give your subject matter the attention it needs. "I can't write a book..

9298: Correct Approach to Treating Vitiligo
Excimer laser medical treatment is used when additional techniques have failed, and it boasts a succeeding rate of about 75%. The process is not painful, and color can easily return in as little as tw..

9299: How to Find Angry Birds Products
For example, you have the black, red, yellow and blue less difficult as well as the green pig. If throwing those birds on filthy pigs models you in a great feeling, the reason why not offer Angry Bird..

9300: How To Choose A Business CPA For Your Small Business
Each and every business man likes to start his enterprise operation from being a mere scale enterprise firm because it enables him to be flexible in the trade procedure. Guiding the little scale busin..

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