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9051: Elements That Make Up A Good Fiction Story
I believe in the power of story. And of course, in various cultures story tellers have held power; in Celtic communities, for instance, the Bard was second only to the Chief; consider the fact that th..

9052: Nonfiction Writing How Important Are Facts And Figures
"In nonfiction, you have that limitation, that constraint, of telling the truth." Peter MatthiessenThe role of facts and figures in nonfiction writing:The objectives of writing an essay, article or bl..

9053: The Importance Of Choosing Words Carefully - Your Audience's Interpretation Matters
Creative writers care about their audience's interpretation. And language is their raw material. How they craft it is all-important. To demonstrate this, take the extreme opposite case of another user..

9054: When Is Historical Fiction More Truthful Than Real History?
There are some things you cannot say in real life due to upsetting folks or making a truism that offends the politically correct. However, by not saying it at all you do is sweep the real problems, an..

9055: Picking Good Names In Fantasy And Science Fiction
There is a temptation, especially when writing fantasy or sci-fi to get...well carried away.They're not lizard people, they're the L!'Kan. It's not the Riverrock range, but the Talanaish-Ahsei mountai..

9056: Using Vampires As Inspiration For Creative Writing
Vampires have made a huge comeback recently in our popular consciousness. They are a Gothic creation, and they most certainly represent a fixed archetype. Vampires are even becoming a legitimate topic..

9057: Fire Safety In The Construction And Remodeling Processes
I have worked in the construction industry for more than thirty years. During this time I have worked as a carpenter, safety inspector, and electrician. Now that I am retired, I work part time as a pu..

9058: To Be Or Not To Be Happily Ever After
The enemy is vanquished, the world is safe. Our heroes ride off, leaving a land of thankful people waving and cheering behind them. As the sun sets, they fall into a life of peace and ease, living hap..

9059: 5 Easy Steps To Writing Flash Fiction
To write flash fiction you need to understand what flash fiction writing. It will depend on which definition you refer to when selecting a flash story length; most flash will fall into the 300-500 wor..

9060: Writing A Bestseller - A Character By Any Other Name
If you've ever met someone with a name that didn't quite fit them, you know how easily a name can bring about a certain image. That's exactly what you want your character's names to do!That's also why..

9061: Five Tips On How To Make Your Fictional Characters Engaging
So you've begun your novel and perhaps you've already had lots of ideas for your characters. They will probably be a composite of different people you've met in the past, or even different aspects of ..

9062: Ageless Skin Solutions for the New Year: LED Light Therapy Facials
As we kick off the New Year, if ageless skin is at the top of your list of resolutions, then start by getting LED light facials.A radiant complexion is the definition of youth and having it makes you ..

9063: What Is That Twinkle In Her Eye?
Your memoir about your mother matters, no question about it. The short, true story you will write to capture your mother's character to keep her spirit alive for future generations will be invaluable ..

9064: even though it was night show.Reportedly
n now network news according to the Singapore media reported, the South Korean government to prohibit young actress wearing excessive exposure on TV, even though it was night show.Reportedly, the ne..

9065: How To Get Atmosphere Into Your Writing
So, you live in downtown Manhattan and you want to write a book set in the Old West? That's called creative writing and a lot of the fun involved with writing is using your imagination, and being able..

9066: Writing Short Stories: 5 Stages In The Writing Process
The writing process is one that involves patience, planning, organization, structure, and creativity all rolled into one. It's important for a writer to understand the dynamics of putting together an ..

9067: Four Creative Writing Exercises You Can Start Right Now
1. Read every day. This is popular advice for beginners, simply because it really helps. You should aim to read everything you come across. It doesn't matter how obscure or how out of your usual genre..

9068: Turning A Day Dream Into Really Decent Page Turning Short Story Creative Fiction
Have you ever had a daydream, or relived a situation that happened in your life? Perhaps changing the outcome, or thinking of something that you wished you would've said but didn't? You can't go back,..

9069: Story Structure Getting Started
A few years ago, I was talking with a woman from my church. I made the mistake of confessing to her I wanted to write a book. She proceeded to ask me a question that put a damper on my spirit. "But Ty..

9070: this column is chaired in Zouping
"bull in 2050 at the top of resisted desperately, but still received in prev average number of contrast, Shanghai unilateral about 42000000000 turnover,abercrombie and fitch, there is no way to ..

9071: Words Are More Than Just, Words
I'm the type of person that can get hit with a powerful punch and not cry, yet a wounding word can pierce my soul and make me break down into tears. The truth is I have found out that words are much m..

9072: How You Can Market Your Short Stories Online
The web provides a remarkable medium for marketing short stories. The basic formula is this: Give away a few advertised, high quality, free, stories and offer others online for sale. Here are some of ..

9073: Word Challenge Using Vocabulary To Improve Your Writing
Recently, I've begun to subscribe to two "word of the day" services. It came to my attention that my vocabulary had really dwindled in the twenty-some years since the last time I participated in any v..

9074: Should Authors Use Um And Uh In Their Dialogues
Now, uh, where was I? Oh yes! Now I remember.Everyone at time stumbles with the words that come out of their mouths in real life. So why shouldn't your characters in story do the same? Of course some ..

9075: How Creative Should Your Content Be?
Creativity and usefulness together is a potent tool for any internet marketing strategy. At prima facie writing articles should be newsworthy or information worthy for the reader but what will ensure ..

9076: Why Writing For Children Is Enjoyable
To be honest, writing for any genre should be enjoyable but writing for children seems to have extra appeal. Don't be fooled into thinking that writing for children is easy - it's not! There are stric..

9077: How To Write Narcissist Characters
Because story writing is about conflict, and many compelling stories deal with love, a lot of dramatic tension can be created by using a narcissist as a character. Frequently good-looking and charming..

9078: Chopping The Block Advice For Creative Writing
We've all dreamed it at one point or another, whether it was after reading a good book to recharge the batteries, or even after reading a bad one, muttering how we could have done this better. It's a ..

9079: How To Create Interesting Short Story Ideas
Finding ideas for your short story can seem frustrating because you want to tell a story that is set apart from other creative writers. It takes a solid writer to create a short story that captivates ..

9080: Topics That Make Fiction Bestsellers For The Great Writers
"The best angler in the world will catch nothing if he throws his net in the Dead Sea."-Irving WardleIf you want to write a bestseller, you may wish to write on any or all of the genres discussed belo..

9081: Fiction Writing Tips - How To Write Flashbacks
First of all, let's define what a flashback is: Although the term itself is fairly self-explanatory, a flashback is scene or series of scenes that shows a reader something that happened at a time befo..

9082: Storytelling With Cattell's 16 Personality Factors
When telling a story, it's not what happened that really interests people, but who it happened to. The driving force of any good story comes from the characters, and the more realistic and believable ..

9083: Revising Your Work Using Reverse Outlining
When you find yourself with the challenging task of having to read and analyze complex information, reverse outlining could be a helpful strategy. Reverse outlining can help you to refine your ideas i..

9084: How To Show And Not Tell When Writing Descriptive Passages In Your Manuscript
When it comes to writing short stories, novellas or novels one of the common challenges that writers face is the problem of knowing exactly how to write believable description, and descriptive passage..

9085: After 35 Years Of Freelance Writing I Changed My Work Habits
I started writing on a balky electric typewriter near the furnace and my daughter's hamster cage. The hamsters died and so did the typewriter. Clearly, I needed better equipment and I bought a used PC..

9086: Bringing Neighbors Into Your Fiction: 5 Tips
When you're running out of ideas for plots, it's time to walk around your neighborhood and check what your fellow residents are doing.Sounds nosy, doesn't it? But no, I'm not advising you to spy on yo..

9087: How A Writer Can Make Money In Fiction Writing
"Money makes the world go around,"-Ecc. 10:19Mastering the tricks of writing bestsellers and writing a quintessential novel, is not in itself the magic wand you need for your title to reach the bestse..

9088: How To Develop Your Own Unique Writing Voice
Everyone has their own writing voice, developed over time and with practice. This article will give you tips for developing your own unique writing voice.Your writing voice includes several qualities:..

9089: Some Important Tips On Fiction Writing
Writing form that is not factual is known as fiction writing. It is described as a story that is written to communicate a writer's opinion or for entertainment purpose only. Some of the best examples ..

9090: Pulling Prose From The Plot When People On The Page Won't Play
Whether you've plotted a detailed outline, or are flying by the seat of your pants, you may reach a point where you don't know exactly how the next scene should play out. This can happen at any stage ..

9091: The Donkey That Roared - One Title Too Many
The book was about escaping to the good life in a Spanish village. The so-called "simple life" can be fiendishly complicated, so it was light-hearted stuff but with a serious message underneath.There ..

9092: Three-Dimensional Fictional Characters
Have you always gotten attached with the characters you read in a book, wanting to be one of the main characters of the novel you read, or have been seeing yourself in the character you just read? And..

9093: New to balham City or Want a Hassel Free Ride From your to Your Destination
With a combined experience of many years in the taxi business Taxi in balham ensure a safe, enjoyable experience every time you travel with us. Taxi in balham is balham 's First Choice Taxi Company. W..

9094: Keep Your Computer Operating Smoothly with a Driver Updater
Many of the hardware components on your PC require software drivers so that they can interface with your operating systems. While many hardware devices are installed automatically and supported native..

9095: Get Back Lost or Damaged Data with Recover Files after Format
Losing important data is certainly not an uncommon problem on computers and any other kind of digital device. You are not alone if you have accidentally formatted a disk containing important data or e..

9096: Selecting Raw Foods For Better Health
The most effective way is to increase your personal herbs and also dry all of them in a low temperature, and use them regarding sunshine tea. We are able to learn from people who understand, which bal..

9097: Information to Find The Ideal Vacuum Machine
Cleanup your vehicle with a canister machine is even simpler when you take benefit of the on-ship resources that arrive along with it. The thin mind, an add-on designed for slim areas, is perfectly ap..

9098: Anyone Can Overcome Blog Writer's Block
For me, writers' block was a blank page on the screen of my mind. Nothing would come. No thought patterns appeared. The little voice in my head was silent. The tighter the deadline, the more frustrate..

9099: The Hero Journey Motif As A Tool For Reading And Writing
Quite often teachers in middle school and high school find themselves teaching the grade level language arts curriculum from a conservative and sometimes minimalist point of view. What that means is t..

9100: Newsletter Ideas When Writing Articles For Newsletters
If you are a person who regularly publishes newsletters, it is truly a challenging part to find ideas for your next articles. Somehow, you will also run out of ideas to write about and fear that you w..

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