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6051: Copywriting Services You Can Provide In Your Freelance Copywriting Business
Freelance copywriters make a great income online. Thousands of businesses need copywriters, and the demand far outstrips the supply. Let's look at what services you could provide in your new freelance..

6052: Copywriting Tips - For The Reading Impaired
This is not a knock on people who can't read. I truly have a soft spot for those who are illiterate for whatever reason. I'm talking about the people who REFUSE to read. You know who you are. How do y..

6053: A Copywriter's Tips To A Successful Quarter
Four times a year, businesses approach the beginning of a new quarter. Whether it's summer or holiday season, if you didn't take the time earlier to make sure all your marketing ducks were in a row, n..

6054: What Is A Copywriter Your Step By Step Guide
B2B copywriting is defined as a copywriting service that is done for a business. In fact, the term B2B is short for business to business; basically a copywriter is responsible for helping a business p..

6055: 5 Tips To Writing An Engaging Headline
The success of marketing copy such as brochures, ads, and press releases depends on the headline-or in the case of an email, the subject line. It needs to grab the reader and compel him or her to take..

6056: Are Long-Form Sales Letters Really Dead
Just because people are in a tizzy over video sales letters being dead, and a "certain someone" came out with a report saying that longform sales letters are dead - doesn't mean they're actually dead...

6057: Copywriters And Copywriting - The Key Types
If you're thinking of using a copywriter (or becoming one), it's important to realise that there is more than one type of copywriting and more than one type of copywriter.Different writing projects re..

6058: 7 Questions To Ask Your Web Copywriter
When you decide to hire a copywriter, you want a good fit between his or her abilities and your needs. You want a copywriter who can speak to your target audience and influence them to take action.Not..

6059: 6 Tips On How To Write Good Web Content
Is your website selling? Are you maximising your website's potential?With millions of businesses crowding the internet, fighting for the attentions of customers with increasingly short attention span,..

6060: How To Get Quality Copy On A Budget
Your ability to achieve, it has been said, is limited only by your ability to dream.It's a nice idea, but if you're a small business owner, you know that your ability to dream isn't exactly the bigges..

6061: Discover 3 Effective Copywriting Tips To Help You Succeed
The majority of the Internet marketers who made it big on the web possess the skill of copywriting. They all had varied types of business experience, and while it's true that several of them already k..

6062: Copywriting Tips Why You Should Use A Copywriter
You're in charge of an important communications project, one that will influence how you and your company are viewed by people who matter.Let's look at some of the things you need to arrange:building ..

6063: Effective Tools You Need To Keep Your Portfolio
In today's competitive copywriter's market, it is imperative to have a high-quality copywriter portfolio, if you are serious about maintaining continuous success as a profitable writer. Understanding ..

6064: Thoughts For A Website Copywriter To Ponder Upon
Copywriters are always subjected to the task of catering to various clients and companies that span across wide and diverse industries. Amongst all the varying demands and expectations, a copywriter a..

6065: 5 Techniques To Improve Your Copywriting Skills
Eighteen years ago I wasn't a copywriter. Now I'm one of the busy copywriters in Gloucestershire. On the way from marketing management to successful freelance copywriter, I've used a variety of techni..

6066: Copywriting Tips For The New Internet Marketer
Everyone has their own favorite copywriting tips, but, as a new internet marketer, there is really only a handful that you should know in order to get start. What are they, and how will they get you s..

6067: Copywriting Writing Words That Sell
The job of copywriting put simply involves coming up with captivating copy in order to help promote services or goods. Like other writers, copywriters need to think creatively. Their work is to find i..

6068: Freelance Commercial Writing - A Short Introduction To Writing For Businesses
For starters, we should define this field for those of you who are unfamiliar with the field. Freelance commercial writers create copy, or a text, to be placed on websites, newsletters, advertisements..

6069: Copywriters Dilemma For Your Next Project, Should You Hire A Researcher
Imagine this. You have just landed a large new copywriting project. Maybe it's a bunch of web pages that you need to write copy for. Or, it could be a lead generation system, white paper, follow-up se..

6070: Copy Writing Tips To Making More Money Online
Our economy has been in sorry shape and this has forced many people into seeking out ways to earn additional money. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of marketing and ways to earn an extra ..

6071: Ghostwriting - To Quote A Price Or Not
A recent article on Site Reference suggests that there is one question you should never answer if you want clients. If they ask you how much you charge, never tell them. Instead focus on the value of ..

6072: Money Making Tips For Copywriters Long Or Short Sales Copy
Anyone who debates whether long copy is better than short copy doesn't understand the sales process that well...or copywriting at all for that matter. Length isn't what matters when it comes to writin..

6073: Copy And Article Writing - Ten Tips To Give Your Words Authority
Take any piece of prose you've come across from a personal blog post to a technical magazine article and by the second paragraph your attention has started to flag - and by the third it's gone altoget..

6074: The Number 1 Winning Formula For Web Success - Good Copy!
Most business owners spend a good deal of time thinking and planning about the design and functional features of their websites. There's nothing wrong with having a great looking site with the latest ..

6075: How You Can Prove You Are The Original Author Of An Article
Imagine spending the time in creating a literary master piece or a poem that you wrote and that master piece really expresses the thought and emotion you intended to capture. Now, imagine sharing that..

6076: The Sweet, Dark History Of Leads That Make A Promise
One of the best ways to lead into the body of your copy is with a promise. But how do you go about constructing a Promising Lead?This is where research comes in. It pays to know your product inside an..

6077: Revitalize Your Web Copy To Make More Sales
Do you have everything in place to bring in traffic, but your visitors leave almost as soon as they get to your site? The key may be that you need to revitalize your web copy to entice visitors to han..

6078: How To Write A Killer Headline
A killer headline grabs your prospect by the lapels. Your headline is the first thing seen by your prospect. It must reach out, grab him, and lead him into the copy.The primary purpose of any headline..

6079: Copywriting Makeover - Local Vet Increases Business Via The Web
After working for several years for a prominent, local veterinary practice that had multiple branches, Dr. Wendi Lily-Bare decided it was time to go out on her own. She arranged to purchase one of the..

6080: Senses Vs Search Engines - Making Your Copywriting Cope!
This is something like Bruce Willis doing the impossible - stopping a meteor from crashing on to the planet we live on... earth... To say the least, he was way out of his niche... as far as I understo..

6081: Vital Components Of Copy - Ignore These And Business Will Fail
Whether this website copy is for your web page, sales letters, blog post or online press releases, the concepts are consistent.Well written copy will help you sell more of your product and /or service..

6082: Tips For Writing Web Copy That Converts
If you've got a website, chances are you know what you want it to accomplish. That's the easy part! The difficult part is figuring out how the content on your site going to help you achieve the goals ..

6083: The Qualities Of A Good Copywriter
Copywriters' qualities are as diverse as the universe of copywriters that are available to organisations. Different backgrounds and experiences mean that every copywriter offers a unique set of qualit..

6084: How To Write Compelling Catalog Copy
If your business sells a multitude of products, then you're probably sending out a monthly catalog, newsletter or flyer with specials, discounts or maybe coupon codes. Contrary to what a typical ad ag..

6085: How To Get Started Writing An Excellent Sales Letter
Are you familiar with how to write a good sales letter? If not then you should be. Writing an awesome sales letter can mean the difference between mediocre sales and world class profits that will allo..

6086: 10 Tips To Be A Good Copywriter
A quick internet search will reveal as many different interpretations of 'what makes a good copywriter' as there are copywriters themselves. Based on four years as a successful freelance copywriter in..

6087: Copywriting Tips - 5 Qualities Of A Good Brochure
Even with sophisticated around-the-clock web presence, e-newsletters, blogs and other online devices, brochures (and brochure copywriters) continue to play a vital role in marketing. There's permanenc..

6088: Should Your Website Have Video
Your website is often the first impression someone will have your company and therefore it is a reflection of your business. Therefore it should show your business in a professional, approachable way...

6089: The Pros And Cons Of Ghost Writing For Indie Writers
What is ghost writing exactly, you may ask? You've heard the term and maybe seen the movie and/or the TV show, but you still have some questions. Well, a ghost writer writes and edits for pay for peop..

6090: How To Become A Lean, Mean Ad Copy Machine
Are you set on becoming an advertising copywriter? To do this you will need at least a BA Degree and a passion for selling. This is an ideal model for an advertising copywriter and the prerequisite th..

6091: 4 Tips For Writing More Effective Copy For Your Sales Letter
If you currently have a copywriting piece that's not performing up to par, then maybe this article will be of some use to you. Writing winning sales copy does not have to be hard. All it takes is some..

6092: Copywriting For Cashflow - The Pinnacle Of Great Salesmanship
Copywriting for cashflow really starts to work when you ascend to the highest level of salesmanship: selling experiences. Anyone who has been in sales at all knows that there are sales people who stru..

6093: Pro Copywriting Tips - Be A Man (Woman) Of Few Words
Most copywriters talk too much, and the copywriters I work with, the more I realize that what they're really doing is talking their way out of sales.  In case you're wondering, I'm not talking about ..

6094: How To Settle Disagreements With Copywriting Clients
If there's one situation where the age-old maxim "The customer is always right," doesn't apply, it's in marketing and copywriting. After all, the reason you were hired as a copywriter was to help fix ..

6095: 3 Copywriting Suggestions That Work
If you've been into the Affiliate marketing business for some time now, you know the worth of a great sales copy. Regardless of what you promote, you cannot do it devoid of the assist of sales copy th..

6096: Copywriters - What Do They Actually Do
You have probably heard the word "copywriter" before, but maybe you are not sure what they do or how they could benefit your business. Copywriting is one of the important jobs in the world of advertis..

6097: Use Marketing Psychology Wisely In Copywriting, Avoiding Treacherous Pitfalls
Marketing psychology is like a box of matches: Used wisely, it creates appealing warmth and brightness for a business, but it can also spark a reaction that blows up in one's face.We've all heard of s..

6098: One Website Marketing Mistake That's Easy To Make And Easy To Fix
Your website is the foundation of your online marketing presence, so you need very strong copywriting to make it work. It's very easy to make mistakes, even if you're experienced.One of the easiest we..

6099: Copywriting - How To Write Bullets And Close The Sale NOW
Bullets are one of the most under-utilized treasures in amateur copywriting. When you create a sales letter, contrary to what you may hope, most of your prospects are never going to read the whole thi..

6100: Copywriting For Profits - Three Questions You Must Ask New Clients
If you want your copywriting to sell, you need more than just great sales skills and great writing skills. You need a solid knowledge of what is really going to appeal to the needs of your customers a..

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