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Seeking a Tummy Tuck in Miami 2014

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There are several different reasons to seek a tummy tuck in Miami, FL*One reason is you have recently lost a large amount of weight, and the other is you have had one or more pregnancies which have resulted in stretched, inelastic skin*The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty as it is also known, will remove the excess fat and skin*This creates a profile that is firmer and smoother*There is no doubt that many people seek this type of profile*If, after weight loss and exercise your aesthetic goals are not met, a tummy tuck is the next option.

Individuals with a normal body weight may have a protruding abdomen or one that is sagging and loose*There are several causes of this*Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, heredity and prior surgery are just a few.

A tummy tuck is not a magic bullet*It is not a substitute for exercise or weight loss*Stretch marks will not disappear with a tummy tuck*Some may disappear if they are in the area of the surgical procedure.

If you have realistic expectations, are physically healthy with a stable weight and do not smoke, you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck in Miami*The results are supposed to be permanent though a positive outcome can be jeopardized by weight changes*If a woman is in the process of a significant weight loss or may become pregnant, she will probably be advised not to have the procedure until this is achieved*Like many cosmetic procedures, a tummy tuck should be done because you want it, not for the satisfaction of someone else.

When you meet with a surgeon at Miami's Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for a consultation about the possibility of a tummy tuck, there are some things you need to keep in mind*You will be asked a number of questions*These will be in reference to your desires, lifestyle and health*They may include:

* Why do you want this surgery?
* What is your desired outcome?
* Do you have any drug allergies?
* Are you receiving any medical treatments and if so, for what conditions.
* What previous surgeries have you had? Were there any post-op complications? If so, what were they?

Take a list of all of your current medications*This includes prescription, supplements, alcohol and tobacco.

In addition to these questions, the surgeon will evaluate your general health*The surgeon will discuss risk factors and any pre-existing health conditions you may have or may be concerned about*During this interview, it is likely that there will be some photographs taken*Your options will be discussed, as well as a preferred course of treatment*Your surgeon will discuss potential outcomes of the tummy tuck and any possible complications.

Once you have decided to go for it, there are things to keep in mind as you prepare for your surgery:

* You will need a complete medical evaluation as well as some lab tests.

* You may be asked to take certain medications and to adjust or stop some current medications*Before surgery, the surgeon will tell you to stop aspirin or other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen*These will thin your blood for a prolonged period*You will usually be asked to stop taking them one week to ten days before surgery.

* Herbal supplements can also increase the risk of bleeding*These should be stopped.

* Smoking should be stopped in advance of surgery*Smoking damages lungs and can cause issues with anesthesia.

You will also receive information as to:

* What to do on the day of surgery

* The anesthesia that will be used for your tummy tuck

* An in depth instruction sheet about your post operative care and follow-up

Knowing the risks and safety of the procedure before surgery will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed*As you learn the potential risks and complications you will make the right decision for you*There will be a consent form to sign in reference to your understanding of the procedure and all risks and potential complications.

Some risks:

* Bleeding

* Infection

* Unpleasant scarring

* Poor healing

* Skin loss

* Numbness or other changes in sensation in the operative area

* Risks associated with anesthesia

* Discoloration of the skin

* Prolonged swelling

* Asymmetry may occur as the healing process proceeds.

* The skin may become loose in the future

* Pain

* Coronary or pulmonary complications

* Deep vein thrombosis

* Swelling in the legs

* Nerve damage

Consider the possibility that an additional revision may be necessary or that the result may not be as pleasing as you had hoped.

Steps in the surgical procedure

You will be given medications to keep you comfortable during your tummy tuck*There may be some intravenous medication given that is followed by general anesthesia*Your surgeon will explain all of this at your initial appointment.

A full abdominoplasty-tummy tuck will require an incision just above the pubic area and below the navel*The length will be determined by the amount of correction that will be needed*Through this incision, your muscles that have become weakened*are repaired*Excess skin, tissue and fat will be removed.

It may be necessary to make a second incision around the navel*This will be necessary to remove the excess skin in the upper abdomen.

The incisions will be closed with sutures, staples and/or skin adhesives.

What can you typically expect as a result?

Your tummy tuck should result in a firmer flatter abdominal contour that is appropriate for your body weight and type*The final results may not be seen immediately because of swelling and the fact that you will not be able to stand upright initially*It will take a week or two before the inside heals and you can stand tall and be confident with your new profile.

The recovery period

After your tummy tuck surgery, there will be dressings over your incisions*You may have an elastic bandage or a compression bandage applied*This will aid in support and minimize swelling as it heals*A small drain may be under the skin*This will drain any excess fluid or blood that may accumulate after the surgery.

The instructions you receive after your surgery are very important*You will be told how to care for the incision and the drains*There may be medications that need to be applied to the area*You may also receive medication to prevent potential infection and aid in the healing process*There will be signs that need to be observed in the operative area and you will need to be aware of your general health*Upon discharge you will receive a date to return to the doctor for a follow-up appointment.

When you meet with your tummy tuck surgeon, be sure to ask the questions that have been on your mind*Take a list with you so you do not miss any of the things that have been on your mind*Some commonly asked questions are:

* Where do I go after the procedure is complete?

* What medication will I have to take after surgery?

* When will the bandages be removed?

* How long will I have stitches or staples? Who will remove them?

* When will I be far enough in my recovery to resume exercise and other normal activity?

* How long do I wait before coming back to the office?

It is important to note that if you have had abdominal surgery in the past, the results of the tummy tuck may not meet their full potential*Often the cesarean scars can be incorporated into the scar that results from the surgery.

Tummy Tuck Vocabulary

You may hear these words in the course of your preparation and recovery.

Abdominoplasty: a surgical procedure that is done to correct the apron of skin hanging over the abdomen.

Diastasis: this condition results when abdominal muscles separate.

General Anesthesia: these are the gases and drugs used during surgery that will relieve pain and alter your consciousness

Hematoma: a pooling of blood under the skin.

Intravenous sedation: these are the sedatives administered directly into a vein to help you relax.

Liposuction: the removal of excess fat from under the skin*This is done with a special vacuum.

Local Anesthesia: this will relieve pain in specific areas with medication injected into that area.

Sutures: the skin and tissue is held together with stitches called sutures.

Tummy Tuck: this procedure corrects the apron of excess skin hanging over the abdomen.

There are questions that you need to ask your surgeon*While some may hesitate to ask these questions, it is important to know the answers*The questions and answers can lead you to the best surgeon to perform your tummy tuck.

* Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

* Was plastic surgery the specific field you chose to practice and in which you completed your education?

* How long have you been in practice and doing plastic surgery?

* Which hospitals have given you privileges to practice?

* If your surgeon is doing procedures in an office-based surgical facility, is it accredited by a state or nationally recognized agency? Does Medicare certify it?

* Do I meet the criteria for this surgery?

* What do I have to do to get the best results?

* Where will you perform my tummy tuck?

* Which of the tummy tuck procedures will be best for me? There are varieties of procedures that can be done.

* How long will the recovery period last?

* What are the complications and risks associated with a tummy tuck.

* How do you handle complications?

* How will my stomach look? How long will the scars be there?

* May I please see some before and after photos of this work? I would like to see which ones are closest to my condition.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to accomplish the surgical procedure:

Partial abdominoplasty is a smaller incision in the lower abdomen*It removes a limited amount of skin and fat.

Extended abdominoplasty consists of a complete abdominoplasty that extends to a lateral thigh lift.

High lateral tension tummy tuck is an advanced technique that takes an extended period of time to perform*This method tightens muscles in both the vertical and horizontal lines*The result is a flatter abdomen and better-defined waist.

Floating abdominoplasty is also known as the FAB technique*This is also a newer procedure that does the shaping and tightening through a smaller incision and is not around the navel*The navel is detached and floats above the muscles*The muscles from the breast bone to the pubic bones are tightened*The navel is replaced and occasionally slightly lowered.

Circumferential abdominoplasty is the extended abdominoplasty plus the buttock lift*The scar will be all around the body*The other names of the procedure are body lift or belt lipectomy*This procedure is the one commonly done when a patient has had an extreme weight loss.

Combination procedures incorporate the lower body lift with liposuction contouring, breast lift or reduction and on occasion, a hysterectomy*Often this procedure combined with a breast augmentation and/or breast lift is sometimes called the "mommy makeover".


As with any surgical procedure, an abdominoplasty has risks*Some may be serious or life threatening*All patients need to be informed of all of these risks.

A tummy tuck is considered a safe procedure*This does not eliminate the possibility of complications*Often the complications can be avoided if the patient follows the directions given to them*There are occasional serious complications such as blood clots, infections and thrombosis*Pulmonary embolism is one of the more serious risks*This involves blood clots traveling to the lung, heart or brain*These commonly occur within the first 72 hours after surgery, but can be delayed as long as three weeks.

If the complication is due to a poor healing process, there may need to be an additional surgery to remove some of the tissue*It is possible for some of the tissue to decay and need to be removed*All of this will result in less than a perfect recovery.

A trustworthy plastic surgeon is one that:

* Is an ASPS member (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

* Has completed at least five years of surgical residency with at least two being in plastic surgery

* Does not perform surgery anywhere except in accredited facilities

* Adheres to the strictest of ethics

* Continues to follow education requirements and includes patient safety in the courses

* He or she must be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Often our Miami, FL patients will combine liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast enhancement for a total body rejuvenation experience*The surgeons at Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery are ready to answer all of your plastic surgery questions and present you with a solution that meets your individual needs.

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