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Mompreneurs Are Working Harder Than Ever

By: thomasdaniel | Total views: 71 | Word Count: 893 | Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 - 9:40 AM

"Some Mompreneurs are literally working 50-60 hours per week trying to keep their businesses afloat. Being a mom is a full time job in itself. Can a Mompreneur really keep her sanity and have it all at the same time?"
The majority of Mompreneurs have quit their regular 9-5 so they can spend more time with their kids at home. It seems so exciting at first, not having to answer to anyone, scheduling your own work hours, and doing your own thing. That quickly comes to a halt when you realize that you have literally been working 50-60 hours a week on your business with little or nothing show for it.
In an poll, more than 15,000 moms-both stay at home moms and working moms opened up about motherhood and work. The poll revealed that two-thirds of the working moms wanted to quit work and stay home with their kids. "More than 90 percent said they work for financial reasons. Among the stay-at-home moms, more than one-third wished they worked outside the home."
I can guarantee you the one-third of stay-at-home moms that voted to work outside the home voted that way because their plates are full. So you can imagine if you are a Mompreneur as well?
Here's just a few of the things that Mompreneurs have to do when conducting business on a daily basis:
· Check emails
· Write Status Updates on Facebook
· Write Tweets for Twitter
· Write Articles or Blog Posts
· Call clients
· Write Ads for Advertisements
· Maintain Website
· Build your list
· Monitor your cashflow
· Write your newsletter or ezines
· Write Sales copy for your products or services
· Write your email campaigns
· Write your autoresponders
· Phone follow up with potential clients
· Write emails to potential clients
You see where I'm going with this...A lot of what we do is copywriting. People determine whether they want to buy our products or services based on sales copy. There is no way of getting around it.
For example, what if your product can help someone become healthier? You have the ability to help people lose weight, get pass their weight loss woes and rebuild their self-esteem. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? Here's the harsh reality behind that amazing product- if you can't write words that sell, no one is helped and you can't stay in business.
This puts pressure on your business and forces you to work that extra 10-20 hours per week trying to tweak this article and tweak that post. After you're done with all the tweaking, you still haven't accomplished anything and your sales copy is not converting.
Another harsh reality- If you're not writing copy that converts, then you're not making any sales. If you're not making any sales, then you're not making any profits. If you're not making any profits in business, then we don't want it get to that point.
Copy that converts potential clients into paying clients and generates targeted traffic is a MUST for any business.
Are you taking it seriously?
Every month there are Mompreneurs going out of business...or worse yet, never even started. There are many factors that can cause a failing business but one simple reason is- they can't write or speak words that sell. Now, the good news is, it's not a hard skill to learn, but it is a skill that must be learned. You definitely can't just try it after reading a few articles online. It takes practice but it can be done.
The Steps to Learn How to Write Good Copy:
Step One- Learn the Art of Listening.
You need to become familiar with your market, your clients and what they are already saying in your niche market. You can find that out by doing your research. Search the online forums, question sites like Yahoo Answers, and the Amazon comment section. You will find LOADS of information that will help you write good sales copy. "Learn to think, process and even LIVE in the world your clients lives in." ~Sandi Krakowski
The bottom line is this- what you like, what you think, what you believe or want to believe about your product means nothing! What does matter is what your potential client thinks, likes, wants, and believes. THIS is the first thing you must do. Get to know your client inside and out. Find out what makes them tick. What are their pain points?
Step Two- Your WordPress site is the best platform for a blog.
It's easy to set up and it helps tremendously with Google Ranking, Social Media connections and easy site navigation for your clients.
This is my first choice for any beginning business owner. You know why? Because you won't need a web master to run it all for you! Sure, there are other great blogging platforms out there but some seem too complicated to set up or they look unprofessional, which is a total turnoff for your clients. YOU don't have time for that. You need something that you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Maybe later you'll hire someone to do some customizing, but for now, you got a good layout and you're all set.

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