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The CNC bender can handle a wide variety of tube pipe sizes. This machine has a wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics and various tube/pipework used in ultracompact equipment to the largest machines found in plants, shipping, and nuclear power plants.
CNC Tube Bending adds a new level of speed and precision. The impact of CNC Bending increases as the complexity of the tubular part increases. CNC equipment automatically manipulates the tube in order to precisely position the various bends relative to each other. CNC Tube Bending is usually employed when a part contains more than two bends. Although it is suggested that all of the bends in a part are designed around the same bend radius, the CNC equipment has additional capabilities that allows mixing of bend radii in the same part.
Pipe bender has a wide range of optional software's and functional accessories, having total powers from designing manufacture of hardware/controller to molding dies.

The company distinguishes itself from the rest in its technological innovations and its tradition of anticipating the demands of the future and responding to them with solutions of tomorrow. The history of the company shows that since the foundation in 1970, new ideas, new application domains and consistent progress in technology have dictated the growth and future of the company. The products are used in the automotive, auto component, white goods, electronics, process plant, chemical plant, cutting tools, railways, shipbuilding, power transmission and other industries.

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