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Specializing Within the Area of diagnostic medical sonography schools

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Picking a Specialization within Ultrasound

So you need to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and you have experienced the typical images of the Ultrasound Tech shifting the wand over a pregnant woman's belly while a photo of the fetus inside appears on a screen. Everything you may not understand is that is just one of a few intriguing subfields and areas to select from within the area of diagnostic medical sonography career. As you progress through your simple set of ultrasound technology lessons, you will need to start contemplating what part of the program of sonography interests you the most. The following is just a brief intro to the common areas of specialization within the field of ultrasound

: Abdominal Sonography

Abdominal Sonographers specialize in viewing the organs and cells within the abdominal region. This contains the liver, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, and kidneys. Doppler sonography, that is a new technical advance in ultrasound, has authorized for very accurate viewing of performance and blood vessel pictures. The Doppler technology evaluates the speed and thickness with which the blood moves through the vessels.

As an abdominal specialist, you could find gallstones, abdominal aneurysm's, dilated bile ducts, or an enlarged pancreas or liver. As the Abdominal Ultrasound Tech, your work is not to diagnose the problem, but instead to have the most precise images, to ensure that the Radiologist Doctor can interpret and formally diagnose the problem.

Vascular Ultrasound

Just because it sounds, vascular ultrasound focuses on seeing problems associated with blood circulation through the blood vessels. Vascular Ultrasound Tech's help to evaluate the velocity of blood movement and to seek out obstructions and abnormalities which can lead to blood clots. The use of vascular ultrasound techniques is utilized in addition to a technique called angioplasty, which is the blocked blood vessel is reopened by the procedure which, when a congestion is discovered.


Echocardiography is essentially a sonogram of the heart, it is valve operate, and blood circulation. This is the most commonly done procedure to find and treat cardiovascular disease. The truth of the engineering has significantly enhanced and can very properly show the pumping capacity to doctors, size, contour, and irregularity with the starting and closing of the valves. One example, is that it may be utilized to signal if blood is flowing back in to a heart valve that isn't closing completely.

Obstetrics and Gynecological required education for diagnostic medical sonography

This is what most people usually associate with the area of ultrasound. It is main focus is about the improvement and healthy development of the pregnancy. It is used to monitor the fetal heart beat, birth problems, or an abnormal fetal pulse. Gynecological Sonographers concentrate on treating and imaging the female pelvic area including the fallopian pipes, uterus, ovaries, cervix, and bladder.

Additional Utilizes of diagnostic medical sonography

The above subfields within give the bulk of work opportunities and ultrasound would be the most typical. However, there are additional uses of ultrasound such as neurosonology, which is the use of sonograms to appraise the neck, the mind, and the central nervous system. That can be used to detect problems such as stones and brain cancers. Lastly, there is yet another less frequently identified subfield called Ophthalmology Ultrasound, that will be the use of sonography to get cross sectional images of the eyes.

About the Author

Patricia C. and Fredrick L. McKissack have written over one hundred books about the African-American experience. They have won countless awards and received much critical acclaim, all the while bringing enjoyment and information to young readers.
Before becoming a full-time writer, Patricia worked as a teacher and then as an editor of children's books. “My career as a teacher helped me recognize what books were needed and what children enjoyed reading; my career as an editor taught me how to develop an idea. After teaching for nine years and editing for six, I felt I was ready to launch my writing career.
Fred worked first as a civil engineer for the city of St. Louis and the U.S. Army, and later owned his own general contracting company in St. Louis. Now he devotes his time to the family business, All-Writing Services.
And just how does the collaboration process work? “There is no magic formula,” Fred says. “Pat and I talk all the time.” “After talking through a project,” Pat continues, “We outline it. Then Fred does most of the digging and the research, and I write it up on the computer and run off a hard copy. Fred fact-checks and refines it, and then gives it back to me to make his changes and any more of my own.” “Then we run off another hard copy and keep doing that until it satisfies us both,” Fred adds.
This collaboration has led to the publication of several award-winning titles, including their 2003 Coretta Scott King Honor Book,Days of Jubilee. The end of slavery is one of the most important events in the history of the United States, but there was not one single day when all of the slaves were freed. The McKissacks drew from slave narratives, letters, and diaries to document the days, weeks, and years leading to freedom.
They were very excited about their collaboration,Black Hands, White Sails: The Story of African-American Whalers, a 2000 Coretta Scott King Honor Book. “We've written extensively about slavery in America, but I never realized how important free black sailors were to the Underground Railroad and to the abolitionist movement. They've helped in more ways than we can imagine.”
The research forChristmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters, took the McKissacks on a writer's treasure hunt through the states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. “We visited and studied the interior designs of the Shirley Plantation and the Berkley Plantation, homes of former presidents; and Colonial Williamsburg and Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. We searched for Christmas stories, recipes, songs, games, toys, and dances. Many people helped us, and we are very grateful to them.
Pat has written several novels on her own. “When I'm writing fiction, I think the book through first. I walk around with a manuscript in my head a year or sometimes longer-until I have very clearly in my mind a beginning, a middle, and an end. This doesn't mean that I won't change an ending or a setting or even a central character, but I can't work until I know where I'm going.”
Fred and Pat McKissack live in Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. When they aren't traveling for research, they travel for fun. In addition to writing books and articles, Fred Jr. works as a Senior Copywriter at an Internet marketing agency. He and his wife, Lisa Beringer McKissack, live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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