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6501: 7 Keys To Creating Email Subject Lines That Get Emails Opened
Want to get your marketing emails opened and read?Well, who doesn't? You put a lot of effort into the content of your email, making sure it's concise, clear, with a clear call to action. But all your ..

6502: Writing Skills Being Homophonobic Is Healthy
Back in the distant days of your elementary-school classrooms, your teacher worked hard to help you understand a concept called homophones. If you're like most people, homophones bedeviled you then, a..

6503: Copycats Vs Copywriters The Three Kinds of Copywriting
Copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz, whose writing generated over $1 billion in sales, said that there are three types of copywriters. Here I'll call them "copycats," "formula copywriters," and "creati..

6504: 5 Types Of Headlines That Make Your Prospects Want To Buy
Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your sales page. Being able to write compelling headlines is a skill that will set you apart from others who are also working to promote their prod..

6505: Copywriting Master Class: The Truth About Why We Buy
Most marketing experts and copywriters will insist that we buy for one of two reasons:1. Potential Gain (Better known as Greed)2. To Avoid A loss (Better known as Fear)They are like the foundation rea..

6506: Hiring A Freelance Writer Is Easy Today
Hiring a freelance writer is certainly much easier today than it ever was in the past.This is largely because in the past, there were no platforms which had listings of freelance writers. One had to r..

6507: When Do I Need To Bring In A Professional Content Writer
Building your brand and business on the web today is harder than ever. No matter what your genre or area of industry, the chances are good that you have dozens, if not hundreds of competitors. Even if..

6508: What Are The Qualifications Required For Copywriters
As you know, most of the writers do not have the copywriting skill. Some are acquiring copywriting skill by practice. The writer may find it difficult to write even a single sentence in the article, i..

6509: The Fatal Flaw Most Business Owners Make Online
SEO copywriting is a very important skill to have for an Internet marketer. It is a foundational skill of any business. Any business I can make themselves sound attractive is a business that can gener..

6510: 5 Surefire Ways To Overcome Prospect Objections In The Fitness Industry
Okay, a show of hands.Who else is sick and tired of so-called marketing gurus telling you selling fitness-related products and services is easy...And that there's so much demand you'll never go hungry..

6511: Online Freelance Writers Are As Good As The Ones You Will Find Offline
It is rather queer that there are so many people out there who all live with the notion that the platform on which freelance writers are hired makes a major difference in terms of the quality of outpu..

6512: 5 Key Secrets To Killer Website Content
Content is King - okay, so you've heard that about a gazillion times. But it's true! However, it isn't only the content that makes a website great, and one that you want to "hang around" on for a whil..

6513: How To Write A Product Review To Increase Affiliate Sales
Successful affiliate sites share a few common traits. Most important of those traits is the presence of engaging content. Engaging product reviews tell readers how the product helps them, gives best o..

6514: Things Copy Writers Should Know For Effective Web Copywriting
A well designed website, along with professionally written content, can play a key role in enhancing the online image of a business. The way a product is presented can have a huge impact on its popula..

6515: Copywriting Tips And Techniques
HeadlineHello and welcome to copywriting tips and techniques. Today, I would like to talk about the all important headline, subheads and lead paragraph in your copy. Your headline should reach out, gr..

6516: The Art And Skill Of Persuasive Copywriting
What is Copywriting? Copywriting is a term that refers to the process of writing marketing and promotional texts (also called sales "copy"), in efforts to publicize and promote a product or service in..

6517: How Web Copywriting Helps Your Web Site
Every web site needs to have fixed and frequently updated content. This is where web copywriting is required as a powerful tool to boost your web site's livelihood. You can use it in several different..

6518: The Five Most Common Writing Mistakes - And How To Prevent Them
Writing is an important part of business life. You need to write letters and emails to business partners, clients and suppliers. You need to write a website to appeal to potential new customers on the..

6519: Twerking Community & HD Video Collection
I purely signed up for a cool unique twerking community website and it is truly the amazing website for twerk addicts. It contains the greatest twerk videos and also a weblog who is managed by its own..

6520: Memoir Writing On Blogs - How To Do It
These days, not many people write their biographies by using pen and paper. The art of memoir writing has grown and adapted to digital technology, and today it is easier than ever to create eBooks and..

6521: Buy Articles To Optimize Your Website
Creating content that grabs a reader's attention may seem like a tall order. That is why you should consider whether to buy articles or not. You need to have SEO skills in order to create good content..

6522: Why Humour Isn't A Good Idea In Copywriting
Content is all about marketing. Whether it appears on your website, in a brochure, in a magazine article or in your newsletter, it's there to do one thing and one thing only - to sell.So, should you t..

6523: Report-Writing How To Do It Successfully
Having written all of these kinds of reports, and quite a few others, for multifarious clients, I know as you do that there is a big difference between most of them. I also know that - thankfully - th..

6524: 5 Effortless Ways To Enhance The Readability Of Your Writing
You know you're a good writer.You got A+'s on all of your papers in high school and college. You passed your English classes with flying colors. You rocked the school paper as editor.Basically, you've..

6525: Qualities Of Great Copy - The Three Elements Of Promotional Material
Great copy has the sparkle and punch to sell your product today and remain in people's memories until they are ready to buy tomorrow. But what are the magnetic qualities of compelling, memorable copy?..

6526: How Much Proof Do I Need In My Copy (Are You Including Enough)
In my time as a copywriter I have been asked this question a few times, I should be asked it more often based on some of the ads my clients have presented to me when asking for critiques.Based on all ..

6527: 5 Mistakes MOST Businesses Make When It Comes To Copywriting
Copywriting is incredibly important. It's what brings you your sales - forget about your logo, your brand image, or how old your company is. It's what you have, and how you sell it that really matters..

6528: There Are Some Essential Points To Consider When Buying Lingerie For A Girl
Purchasing lingerie for her that not just fit her, but even flatters you, is actually a very difficult job if you do not have any idea about it. In case you genuinely want to get going on the right wa..

6529: Marketer's Dream And A Copywriter's Nightmare Writing The Perfect Sales Letter
I'm going to share a little secret with you.Lots of marketers and business owners are searching for the Holy Grail. The perfect sales letter. One that can be sent out that works in the largest imagina..

6530: 5 Email Copywriting Guidelines
In this article, I'm going to share five email copywriting tips that won't merely entice your readers to open and read your emails, but persuade them to click on your links as well.1. Start off your e..

6531: Copywriting Mistakes 3 Common Headline Blunders
David Ogilvy said in Ogilvy on Advertising that "80% of an ad's success or failure was determined by the headline." John Caples had a similar saying. "If the headline doesn't induce readership then th..

6532: An Introduction To Continuous Improvement Management
In business development today, the concept and implementation of continuous improvement management is a powerful tool in improving business efficiency and profitability. Continuous Improvement is not ..

6533: 5 Essential Techniques For Effective Content Marketing
Content Marketing is the creation of useful content that has a marketing purpose.For example, your company may create an awesome special report, a series of email lessons, or a free eBook and exchange..

6534: Questions From A Novice Client - Now What Is A Benefit (Really)
With some 10 years of copywriting experience under my belt I can honestly say that most business owners and many sales people don't understand what a benefit really is.Far to often I get asked What is..

6535: Maximizing The Benefits Of Creative Writing Classes
You can avail of creative writing classes in two ways: in a campus building or via the Internet online. These classes could possibly bring you a good choice for a hobby or an opportunity to make extra..

6536: Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Freelance Copywriter
Are you good with language? Do you have loads of creative ideas? Can you put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer? If so, you might be able to make a decent living by working as a freelance c..

6537: How You Can Make Big Money With Copywriting Jobs
Copywriting jobs and earning income copywriting are areas of growth that have echoed the rise of the internet and the massive development in opportunities for even 'non-writers' to earn money by copyw..

6538: How SEO Copywriting Could Make You Money
SEO copywriting is one of the things that can make you a lot of money. It does not matter if the copywriting is for your own business or for someone else's business; it is a needed skill that most bus..

6539: Are You Engaging Your Readers With Questions
When writing your marketing materials, do you ask your readers questions that engage them, ignite their curiosity, and keep them wanting more?Well, you should be.Why? Because in today's overstimulated..

6540: Proofreading And Editing - Practice Makes Perfect
Proofreading and editing are crucial components of any writer's work. Many writers submit their work to professional proofreaders and editors. This may simply be because they are too busy or it may be..

6541: The Economics Of Freelance Writing
If you're going to sell your own stuff, whether it be writing or graphic design, you've got to understand the basics of economics. Plenty of freelancers have huge egos and feel that the market place o..

6542: Copywriting Mistakes 3 Big Opening Paragraph Blunders
So you've sat down and written headlines until your fingers were worn down to the bone. You think you've got a headline that will stop your customer in their tracks...Then you go and ruin it all by do..

6543: Copywriting Master Class 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Closing A Sale
Regardless of if you are writing a space ad, a lead generating postcard, a landing page, sales letter you are making a sale. In order to get the desired response you still need to close them. You've d..

6544: SEO Copywriting And Sticky Content
Both of these terms are frequently bandied about, but rarely explained. It's almost as if they are speaking of secret incantations that will bring forth a multitude of buyers to your site if you use S..

6545: Significance Of Copywriting For Your Website
Nowadays companies use the Internet as an effective tool for developing and promoting their businesses and the simplest way is to create websites. Your website is the most useful way of reaching to cl..

6546: Direct Response Copywriting - Boost Your Headline's Effectiveness (Easy!)
David Ogilvy in his book Ogilvy On Advertising - 80% of advertising success (and failure) is the headline. My experience says it is about the same.Based on this idea, a fractional increase in the powe..

6547: The Four U Formula To Writing Intriguing Headlines
It's no secret that nearly 80% of people who stumble upon your words will never get past the headline.People are busy and are constantly in a state of information overload. Rather than read every emai..

6548: Promotional Copy - How To Make Common Household Products Exciting
You can make any products exciting. Just make the copy exciting. Even common household products can exude enthusiasm. The secret lies in your ability to get enthusiastic about the product and in shari..

6549: All You Need To Know About Copywriting That Connects
If you forget all the other babble about copywriting, and remember this one thing... you're going to be we wildly successful. You'll blow your competition out of the water and you'll never struggle to..

6550: Write A Sales Copy - What To Include In Your First Copy
Everyone says sales copy writing is an easy task. Only problem is, you are yet to write a sales copy that sells a thing. Stop worrying. Follow the steps below to write a winning sales copy.Do Your Res..

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