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Trekking Chiang Mai at Mae Tang District

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Program of Trekking in Chiang Mai ( at Mae Tang Area

Day 1:

Pick you up from your accomodate at 9.30 a.m. and drive for 30 min. to Mae Rim. Stop at the charming Orchid Farm, containing more than fifty various kinds of colorful orchids and continue to Maetang area. Drrive about one hr go to see to Karen Long Neck village, afterward drive to Elephant camp and elephant trek approx. 1 hour through the jungle, touch beauty environment and the way does the farming of a village. After then, walk 5 min., cross a Mae Tang River. Stop for have a lunch. After lunch trek approx 3 hours through the rain forest, touch the environment is authentic on top the hill, and understand lifestyle, culture tradition of a hilltribes, have a dinner and camping overnight at Lahu hilltribes village.

Day 2:

After breakfast, start jungle trek about. 2 half hrs through the green forest, cross a river. Arrive to the waterfall camp, have lunch. After lunch visits the picturesque water fall, relax and have a swim. Have a dinner and stay over night at waterfall camp.

Day 3:

After breakfast, start trek for. 2 hrs through the forest, Arrive at the Raft camp. Start enjoys white water rafting for 1 hour along the Maetang River and Cane rafting approx 40 min.. Next have lunch. Return to Chiangmai.


- Elephant Trekking, Rubber rafting, Bamboo raft, waterfall, lunch, Karen Long Neck and Akha hilltribes

- Accident insurant

- Experienced guide (Speak English)

- Transportation

- all meal


- Personal nature expend

What to bring on tour

- Small bag pack

- Passport copy

- personal medicine

- Toilet paper

- Short pants, Long/Short Sleeve shirt, Walking shoes, Sandal, Socks, Towel

- Swimming suit

- Insect spray, Sun cream


Maetang area

The picturesque and rugged Mae Taeng Valley is located in the North Eastern corner of the Chiang mai thailand Province, just 90 min. from downtown Chiangmai. The Maetang Area is nestled between Chiang Dao environment Preserve and Huai Nam Dang National Park.

This location is home to many ethnic hilltribes such as, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Chan and Meow as well as big populations of domestic elephants and other flora and fauna. The Mae Taeng Valley presents views of lush jungle, local wildlife, and encounters with exotic hill tribe. This will certainly be an memorable experience for any visitor.

Originating high in the mountains, near the Burmese border, The Maetang River winds its way through valleys and canyons eventually joining the Chao Praya on its way to the Gulf of Thailand. The Mae Taeng Valley is a great location to get away if you still need to be close to Chiang mai thailand. Without difficulty acessed by highway with in 2 hours of Chiang mai thailand's International Airport and old town center.

The Maetang River is Thailand's most famous and fastest white water river, Mae Teang River. Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through winding gorges, luscious jungles, and magnificent terraced rice fields. Paddle through magnificent canyon for supreme pleasurable on the river. For this tour, apart from white water rafting down the Maetang River. You will also be trekking on an elephant along the Mae Tang River and through the humid monsoon rainforest jungle

Karen and Karen Longneck Hill Tribe Detail

Thai and Burmese hill tribes can be traced back to the 12th century, originating from Tibet . The Karen tribe is the largest of about twenty hilltribes whose total population today numbers over seven million across The Union of Myanmar ( Burma ) and Thailand .

In Thailand , around 400,000 Karen live at between 800m and 1800m up in the mountainous and thickly forested regions of Maehongson, due west of Chiangmai thailand. Most villages are remote from Thai civilization. Houses are made of teak or cane and usually constructed on stilts to provide space and shelter for livestock.

The Karen villagers have few assets and little if any furniture, usually sleeping on floor mats, cooking on open fires, and drawing washing and drinking water from a nearby river. They are predominately farmers of agricultural produce for their own use and are habitually referred to as 'The farmers of the forest'. Some speak the Karen language, whilst others speak Thai. The Karen lives in villages of around 25 houses raised on stilts. The villages tend to cluster. Each household consists of the parents and their unmarried children. Married daughters and their families may also live in the same house. The highest authority is the village priest who runs the village along with the elders.

Lahu hilltribes Guideline

The Lahu are a strong independent and very different ethnic group who number about 60,000 in Thailand. The Lahu are located primarly in Chiang mai thailand and Chiang Rai provinces, but can also be found in considerable numbers as far south as Tak province. Their settlements are usually faraway from roads and towns, due to their strong commitment to the protection of the Lahu lifestyle.

The Lahu are complex and diverse ethnicity. In Thailand there are no fewer than six different Lahu tribes, some of whose languages are not mutually intelligible. The majority of Lahus in Thailand are Red Lahu, pantheistic animists who follow a Dtobo, a messianic leader. There are also a significant number of Black, Yellow and Shehleh Lahus in Thailand, many of whom have been Christian for nearly one hundred years. Black Lahu are the most populous throughout Southeast Asia and theirs is considered to be the standard Lahu dialect.

Although primarily subsistence farmers, growing rice and corn for their own consumption, the Lahu are also proud of their hunter-warrior heritage. They remain a strict, serious people governed by strong principles of right and wrong, every individual in the village answering to the common will of the elders. While less importance is placed on the extended family than in other hill tribe communities, the Lahu are still strongly committed to principles of unity and working together for survival. Lahus may have the most gender-equitable society in the world.

Our professional service will guarantee your satisfaction. Please let us help to make your trip to the north of Thailand more valuable and more memorable.

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