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19: after deducting the cost of issue 21420
Leasing Company Leasing Association Table: unit: RMB name yuan the Lessor the lessee rent the name of the type of the leased asset starting date of lease lease termination date rental fee in Fushun special steel in 2003 March 12052 March 1 (Group) limited land 27967.755,hollister france.00 11,hollister.64 Rong garden 293, to the real estate development projects to achieve the provisions of the liquidation conditions, including Shanghai eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Limited company is contributive 7000000 yuan, 258 -120953.59 186.n

20: 8 at the end of the beginning to fall
 ,ralph lauren; pork 11 yuan per catty, finally than some time ago to drop a little.",louboutin pas cher;The morning of September 6th, shopping in the city and Market Street citizen Ms. Chen told reporters: as pork prices rise all the way, she has to rest didn't buy pork for a period of time, usually are fundamental to the chicken, duck, fish and other alternative, today is called the kilos of pork, pork prices finally is cheap a little.September 6th morning, reporters visited Gongnong street, Wu Yue Street farmers market and found here, pork shouted price between 11~12 yuan per 500 grams,basket isabel marant, some butcher customers than the previous increase obviously,hollister uk.

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