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Introducing Marketing Automation Solutions for Sustainability

In the modern marketing landscape, the manufacturing industry has become a vast sector with several sub-divisions under it. Quite naturally these pose some unique challenges when it comes to marketing and sales. With the introduction of newer, more efficient technology, the availability of abundant informative resources on the net has transformed the way people purchase products. Quite naturally the behavior of the entire manufacturing value chain also changes, adopting a more product-centric approach.

The manufacturing industry in the past had primarily focused on marketing the primary virtues of their products. This created problems, as the success of this method, largely depends on perception and understanding the customer. But as time went by, more tech-savvy customers armed themselves with a variety of communication devices. Hence they now can use this wealth of information to determine which products suit their requirements best. Hence marketers were forced to change their promotional techniques, putting stress on customer engagement. This is where the idea of Marketing Automation Solutions came to be. [Information Credit: https://www.gillsolutions.com]

Why is Marketing Automation Solutions necessary in the current marketing landscape?
Marketing automation revolves around fully leveraging the power of the internet, allowing the company to engage with their customer base with more interactive options. It helps marketers to be more proactive than reactive. Below are the reasons why Marketing Automation solutions are the key to success in the modern marketing landscape.

  • Marketing velocity: The modern market is such that product development cycles have to be far more accelerated than before. This involves the various marketing agencies trying to keep up with the pace at which their clients are introducing new products. Marketing automation solutions can tackle this problem of shrinking customer acquisition with efficiency, by keeping track of past and present marketing collaterals across various channels, engaging with the customers and partners in an effective way.

  • Business Model Innovation: The sudden rise of the digital economy has put increased pressure on manufacturing companies to devise new business models for success. They now have to think beyond just selling products traditionally. Customers, nowadays judge a company on the way it interacts with its customers. Marketing Automation solutions can gear these sales promotion techniques towards nurturing their customer base. This results in the formation of a constant source of revenue through loyal customers while adding new ones at the same time.

  • Guarding against Unpredictable market forces: Natural catastrophes or an external event like a change in the government or political system of a nation can seriously affect the efficiency of the manufacturing sector. Volatility in the supply chain can be experienced, which can have a colossal impact on the revenue margins of the manufacturer. Marketing Automation solutions can minimize the impact of such external events. This can be achieved by employing various automation techniques for establishing relationships with buyers as well as increasing customer intimacy. Thus, Marketing Automation gives marketers the ability to monitor, measure, benchmark and demand triggers to be more predictive.

  • Changed Buying Behavior: Due to the introduction and increased usage of the internet, the customer’s general buying behavior has changed drastically. Customers, now armed with a wealth of information have now started to define the value of the product in the marketplace. This makes marketers obligated to compete with mind-boggling amounts of free information, over which they have limited control. Marketing Automation Software can be used as an effective tool for allowing marketers to keep track of conversions, based on priority or importance.

The changing market landscape has forced manufacturers to engage with their customers on a more personal level. Applying different techniques of Marketing Automation solutions can help modern marketers deliver integrated customer experiences across several marketing channels.

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