Create Application-Independent .net Reports Using a Standalone Reporting Tool

FastReport.Net offers developers the tools they need to create .net reports that are application-independent. With its ability to be used as a standalone reporting tool, the software combines all the features that you need to connect to any type of database, create queries from its tables and more. You can also add dialogue forms to your reports and use built-in scripts which allow you to work with interaction between the controls of the dialogue forms and handle complex data. Results can then be viewed, printed or exported to a wide variety of popular document formats for further editing, review, sharing or printing.

This software is written entirely in C#, containing only managed code. It is fully compatible with the .NET Framework from version 2.0 or above, though .NET Framework 1.x is not supported. You will also find available the full source code which allows you to completely customize your version of FastReport.Net to suit your individual requirements. All of this is offered at a very reasonable price complete with a very attractive licensing policy. The program costs only $349 which allows you to get not only your fully featured reporting solution but also a runtime royalty-free report designer and engine.

Report elements supported by this application include list reports, group reports, master detail reports, multi-column reports and various others. Many different objects are also available such as pictures, shapes, barcodes and more. Your reports can consist of various design pages and you can build reports that include the cover, back cover and data all within one file. The software also uses GDI+ rendering which allows for smooth graphics and fonts, semi transparency and gradients. This will help you to create very professional and aesthetically pleasing reports should you need to.

Export options include the ability to easily export your prepared reports into a number of different programs such as Microsoft Word (including the latest .docx format), HTML, MHT, Excel, OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat, various image files and more. With such a degree of versatility, distributing and sharing your reports has never been so easy.

The preview, print and export abilities of FastReport.Net are equally impressive. The preview feature offers you the ability to preview your documents in the style of a Microsoft Word document preview. In the prepared report, you can also search for text or modify the pages of the prepared report. Navigation in the preview window is also simple and straightforward, allowing you to view the report outline. Interactive reports are also supported, allowing you to define specific actions that will be carried out when users click an object within the preview window.

If you want to find out more information about the software, you can find everything you need at Here you can find out how the program works and its abundance of features. There are also screenshots and all of the support information that you need. There is also a fully-featured demonstration version available which you can download at the site.

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