How To Get The Most From Your Website Copy

Search engine optimisation is a difficult animal to understand. There are so many facets to it including keywords, site structure, tags, back links, not to mention your copy. So how can you make the most of your a website’s copy?
A step in the right direction would be to get your copy written by a professional copywriter who understands and can produce great SEO copy.
But if you’ve already got a website up and running, here’s a few tips you can use to get the best out of your copy.
1. Headline act
Your headline has to grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read more. It must sell you, your company and your products and services.
If yours us weak you’ll lose them to another website that tells them what they want to hear.
2. First memories
Make sure what follows your great headline also grabs them. Use great images that make an impact and that compliment your written message. This will help make your site memorable and will all the elements working together you’ll strengthen your impact.
3. So what?
What’s in it for me? That’s what your reader will be asking themselves so you’d better answer it for them.
Hitting them with your benefits straightaway will keep them interested. But make sure it’s your benefits and not your features that you list. The benefits are what your reader will see as being valuable – it will save them time, save them money, make them more attractive, make them healthier etc.
4. Great to look at
Readability is the key – reading from a screen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so you must ensure your information is accessible and readable. To help you reader skim your content for the most relevant points use headings and sub headings, break the text up with bulleted lists and use images to help get your message across.
5. We, we, we
‘We’ should be kept to a minimum because your reader isn’t interested in you, he or she is interested in themselves. If your website is full of ‘we’ you’ll sound very self-centred.
Go through your copy and change your ‘we’ for ‘you’ to shift the focus firmly on your customer.
6. Voice
The way your writing ‘sounds’ is very important. It shouldn’t talk down to the reader. It should be like listening to an old fried – be conversational and avoid jargon.
7. Other wording
Don’t forget to check the other words on your website. There are also your ALT tags, captions, banner text etc. to consider. Read them now, are they adding value?
8. Hypertext
The hypertext links are the words you use to link out to other relevant information. Make sure you use your keywords within these links to get the most value from them.
These simple ideas will help you create a website that’s much more reader friendly and will help boost your conversion rate.

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