Would You Like To Write A Book

I have always enjoyed writing. Even way back in high school, I can remember never dreading having to write a book report of term paper. I had a creative writing class in high school that taught me a really easy way to write any type of report of paper. I actually breezed through a writing course in college based strictly on the technique taught to me in that high school class. I never had to go to the actual class, I just wrote the 7 papers assigned to me and received a 4.0 in the class.
I enjoy writing even to this day, although I don’t get to do as much of it as I would like. I write emails to my family relating all the day to day funny stories that my two small children supply me with. I write short informational articles to be posted online. What I haven’t done yet is write a book. It has always intrigued me, especially since I enjoy reading books so much.
To write a book, you need to start with an a comprehensive outline of the story you want to tell. This will make it much easier once you start to write the actual book. It will help you keep the storyline chronological and make sure the story can be followed. It will also help you with your character development. If your readers don’t like your characters, your book will not become popular. Breaking your story down chapter by chapter will also help you break the task down into manageable steps.
Once you have your outline written, you can begin the actual book writing. As you are writing the book, you shouldn’t worry about editing. You can get lost in that task and then find that your writing time has been used up. You can also become easily distracted and a train of thought that may allow you to finish an entire chapter will disappear. You can lose a lot of time this way. You should just write for the amount of time you have set aside. If you are on a roll and have the ability to keep going even after your time is up, by all means-keep going.
Time management is one of the most important parts of getting a book written. You need to set aside a period of time everyday to wrote. Do not let anything interfere with that block of time you have set aside. Most people work best in a quiet environment, so if this is possible, set up your writing time during a period of time that you believe will be quiet. Perhaps in the evening after your kids have gone to sleep or if they are in school. Some people are able to concentrate with a lot going on around them. I am not one of those people.
The most important thing about writing a book is to actually spend the time WRITING

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