Avoid These Very Common Mistakes On Webpage Sales Letters

When you have a sales letter which is a simple webpage that presents a single offer and has one thing for people to buy. They’re mistakes that I see over and over again, and if you avoid these mistakes you can shortcut a lot of frustration, time and money, and start making sales faster.
Avoid the confusing or hard to understand offer, avoid signing off before you hit the buy button, and avoid multiple calls to action. Even though your sales letter is supposed to be simple, even though it’s supposed to be one thing to buy. I still see people make it super complicated. If you’re selling something for a $100 dollars, then state it’s a $100 dollars. If it’s two payments of $20 dollars then state that but let’s not get crazy and make it 15 payments or a payment every day. Let’s make the price of what it is exactly what it is.
And, be upfront about what thing people are paying for. Are they paying for reports, a physical book, a CD? How is it delivered? That way when I buy from you, I know exactly what it is I’m getting for my money. It’s a very easy thing to fix is making sure that all the pieces are presented in the right order. For example, you wouldn’t want to put your guarantee above the bonus area because everyone is used to seeing the guarantee near the very bottom of the sales letter. It’s almost a legal section. But if we see the guarantee and we’re thinking it’s the bottom of the sales letter, we might miss some of the bonuses.
Likewise, if you sign your name and have a signature of your name at the bottom of the sales letter but didn’t have the buy button under that, less people will read to the bottom because they see you signing your name and they’re used to regular letters where you sign your name at the bottom and then your done. By moving your buy button under your guarantee and before your sign off, you can get more sales because they’re used to the guarantee is winding down but the sign off is where the sales header is completely done.
And finally, an easy way to fix your sales letter is to remove extra order buttons. Remove links off of your site. Your sales letter should have one single call to action, one single thing to do. That means instead of having three or four order buttons, have one single order button. Instead of having a order button and other links outside the website, narrow it down to one single order button.
It’s okay to have links that drop people down to the bottom of the page to that order button but you want it to be one single thing people can buy on this webpage. Either they can buy or they can leave. I know there are some very common mistakes that you can easily avoid on sales letters. Have an easy to understand offer, sign off after your buy button and limit yourself to one call to action.

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