Examples Of Resource Boxes That Work, And Ones That Don’t

In this article, I’m going to give you some examples of resource boxes that work plus some ones that don’t, and the reasons why they either work or they don’t.
Resource boxes are the ending part of an article where an article directory allows the author to give a quick call to action to the reader. When done right, the resource box will drive lots of traffic to your website. When done wrong, the article directory will get a quality article from you but you won’t get any traffic back to you.
Let me first give you an example of a resource box that ‘misses it’. If the box starts out saying ‘this article was written by (insert name here)’ or something like ‘(author name) is a 10 time national champion in…’, the thing to realize is the author is talking about himself and people don’t care about the author. People want to know how you can help them.
Think about it. Do you like talking to people who do nothing but talk about themselves? Do you like hearing about people who brag about themselves non-stop when really all you want is some help with your situation? I didn’t think so. Writing a resource box just talking about you or highlighting your accomplishments is actually a huge disservice to your readers.
Your readers are reading the article because they like the topic or they want to get more information about that particular topic. A great resource box plays right into that. For example, a great resource box might start like this… ‘If you want more information like this article about what you just learned, visit my site’ or ‘Would you like to learn more about the topic in this article, then download my free ebook’.
If you do your job writing a great article about the topic at hand, then the natural thing to do is invite them to get more information about that topic. This strategy works great because it takes you out of the equation and it gives the people what they want… information.
Plus, when you write a good article, people are starting to like and trust you, which is exactly what you want. If people read your article and take the time to go to your site, you have a good chance that they’ll opt in to your list and become a subscriber of yours. That’s the ultimate goal of article marketing anyways.
So remember, keep the resource box about giving them more information at your website and keep your personal accomplishments out of the resource box.
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