5 Top Ways To Fuel Your Creative Writing With Prompts

If you’ve struggled for direction and ideas in your creative writing lately, then creative writing prompts could be just the boost you need. A prompt is simply a few words or an idea that give you a starting point for your creativity to expand from.
It’s like being a kid and getting a lift from your parents to an adventure playground or theme park. Once you’re there you go off and have a wonderful time, but you need that lift to get there in the first place.
So here are 5 great ways that using creative writing prompts can add fuel to the fire of your creative writing today:
1. Writing prompts are quick and easy to use.
Have a stock of prompts ready to call upon when your writing is feeling a little stuck, and they become like the tasty energy boosting snack you have between main meals. You don’t need hours of planning beforehand, just grab a prompt and off you go.
2. There’s no expectation or pressure.
When you embark on a major writing project you have all kinds of hopes and expectations as to how you’d like it to turn out. Which only adds pressure and can block you completely. With writing prompts, you’re just writing as play, to explore and have fun. They get you focused on enjoying the writing process, not the end “product”.
3. Writing prompts encourage you to invent your own techniques.
The more you use prompts, the more you invite your creativity to come up with new ways of writing. You’re sending a clear message to your creativity that you’re someone who enjoys exploring and trying new techniques. Your creativity responds to this by developing the prompts you use into further new ways of writing.
4. You reconnect with dormant ideas.
Your mind contains thousands of fragments of thoughts and ideas lying waiting to be used, like leaves in a dried up river bed. When you use creative writing prompts, the river rushes through again, collecting and reviving all the leaves of almost forgotten ideas, giving them new life and new ways to evolve into wonderful writing.
5. Writing prompts encourage you to try other types of writing exercises.
Once you’ve realised that prompts can give your writing a great boost of energy, you’ll be more willing to try other kinds of techniques to experiment with your writing, and not place so many demands and so much pressure on yourself.

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