7 Tips To Getting Your Articles Read And Published

Article marketing, for as long as it’s been around, may have seemed to have lost it’s punch over the years. Or at least that’s what many people believe. But actually, it’s quite the contrary.
Many successful website owners will tell you that writing articles and submitting them to online directories is how they got their start online, and they’ll further tell you that they continue to do so. This is largely due to the fact that it works. Plain and simple.
That said, the key to effective article marketing is to follow a few simple rules to make sure that:
A) Your article gets read.
B) That once someone finishes reading your content, they click through to your website.
Here are some tips you can follow when using article marketing as part of your overall plan of action online.
Make your title interesting. It must be a topic that people are interested in and that will have the ability to get lots of views online. Using ideas such as “5 Tips to…”, “10 Ways to…”, “The biggest ______ to Avoid when _____”, are some frequently used and very effective titles.

No self promotion. One of the reasons other websites turn to article directories for instant and free content is because the topic that’s been written about is useful for their own site readers. The best way to phrase this is found within EzineArticles helpful description of how to write an effective article. Which, in essence states, “the article is your give, the bio is your take.” It will be very difficult to get other sites to publish your articles if all you do is promote your own product or service.

Use good spelling. If your content is a hot topic that is getting a lot of views yet there are lots of misspellings within the content, it likely won’t be published by other webmasters. Most article directories today run your submission through a spell-checker first before you can submit the article so it will catch most of these mistakes but just to make sure, run it through your own spell-check first.

Make it easy to read. Use bullet points or numbered lists to make for easier reading.

Be clear and concise. Avoid long drawn-out paragraphs and break up your content into manageable pieces. Your content should not leave the reader wondering what your content was about in the first place.

Grab attention within your resource box. Remember, your resource box is your “take”. This is where you’ll encourage the reader to visit your website. Tell them why it would be beneficial for them to download an e-book you’ve written or to subscribe to your newsletter.

Don’t stick to just one directory. When submitting your content don’t just stick to one directory. There are several well-known directories online that you can submit your articles to. Just be sure that when you do, you’re submitting unique content and not re-using the same content over and over again.
Once you begin the process of writing articles and submitting them, you will begin to notice an increase in traffic to your site.
This traffic will not only come from the directories themselves but you’ll often see that other sites who have chosen to publish your article will also be sending you traffic.
This is the biggest benefit of article marketing since that one piece of content that you submitted can be used by multiple locations online thus increasing not only the traffic you receive, but it helps you get those valuable and much-needed links to your site as well.

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