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Working At Height? Here’s How Rope Access Can Make Things Safer and Save You Money at the Same Time

Rope is most likely one of the most neglected tools in modern times. With rope access London, building contractors can go about doing their jobs. It offers safety, efficiency, and speed when you’re working at extreme heights. This article will be discussing how rope access in London can make things safer and how it will also save you time and money in the long run.

Let’s begin by mentioning an important fact and that is, in 1980, a law was passed mandating regular inspection of building facades, as well as its exterior, for all buildings that are six stories and above. Later on, this law will be known as the Local Law 11/98 then as the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP).

Because of this law, industrial rope access London became an important tool in conducting property inspections. Not only is it a faster option, but it’s also more efficient and cost-effective in implementing the inspections.

So, how does industrial rope access in London help you reduce time and cost? Well, with this, inspectors can perform a more comprehensive check on the building. It will allow property owners to suspend a scaffold allowing qualified persons to access the exterior of the property and conduct their inspections.

You see, originally, facade inspections can be done by someone on the ground with a pair of binoculars. When the Local Law 11/98 went under the current FISP guidelines, it was made clear that inspections have to be hands-on. Thus, the need to suspend a platform by ropes.

What are the benefits of rope access in London?

As mentioned, industrial rope access London has proven to be very helpful for building owners and contractors to fulfil the current FISP guidelines.

Because of rope access, technicians are now able to adapt to several varying environmental factors, conditions, terrains, and so on. The flexibility of the rope access equipment makes it easy to access parts of the building’s exterior, such as chimneys and drains.

It’s also safe. It has an amazing record of keeping contractors safe even when they are working at a height. There is a low number of global fatalities and casualties every year, not to mention, it continues to improve and adapt to new safety concerns. These updates are monitored and ensured by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA).

It’s versatile. Rope access offers a variety of functions. There’s even a technician that focuses on these rope access functions. Whether it’s for operating cameras, welding, conducting surveys, and more, you can ensure that rope access can get it done.

Lastly, it’s very cost-effective. You can set it up in a shorter period of time and even with less manpower. It offers an increased level of production, resulting in greater speed and turnaround time, as well as a higher efficiency rate. If you’re still on the fence about rope access, we hope this article was able to eliminate any doubts.

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