Why Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Is A Good Total Body Workout

Finding the perfect full-body workout that targets all of your concern areas can be difficult. Most people who go to the gym spend hours trying to do exercises that can work out every part of their body. Some gym rats even dedicated entire days of the week to exercise and strengthen a specific part.

People who want to define and shape their bodies evenly know the importance of a total body workout. For those interested in London Watersports and the activities available, stand-up paddle boarding can be the answer. Here are the benefits of choosing stand-up paddle boarding as a hobby and exercise routine:

Improving Your Balance

Not everyone who tries paddle boarding will immediately be able to stand flawlessly. In fact, trying to balance on the stand-up paddle board will require people to concentrate on maintaining their balance. How is balancing considered a workout exactly?

When trying to keep your body balanced on the board, you are tightening your core and leg muscles which strengthens them. The more time you spend paddle boarding, the more you use your core and legs, leading to a good workout.

Low Impact Exercises

Using the paddle board, even for an extended amount of time does not put the joints, tendons, and ligaments at risk for damage. Paddle boarding is in fact the perfect low impact activity for athletes recovering from an injury but still wants to exercise.

It’s A Great Form Of Cardio Workout

While it might seem like you are only paddling and enjoying the views of the water, paddle boarding is actually a great form of cardio. Paddling for hours will increase the rate of your heartbeat and if you want to make the exercise more interesting, challenge a friend to test out London watersports like stand-up paddle boarding to a race.

In the end, you will be out of breath and your heart will be beating faster, completing your need for a good cardio workout.

Building Arm And Shoulder Strength

Much of paddle boarding relies on the arms and shoulders. Fighting the current can be a challenge to the arms to stay in control which helps to build up strength. The more you go paddle boarding, the stronger your arms and the more defined your shoulders will become.

Improving Stamina And Endurance

Keep your paddle boarding sessions interesting and fun by challenging yourself to reach farther and to paddle more. With every passing session on the board, you will find your endurance and stamina slowly building, allowing you to row faster and go farther than ever.

Connecting With Nature While Exercising

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without the need to strain your physical capabilities. You can take a break whenever you want to just enjoy the water and your surroundings. This type of exercise is a great way to take a break from enclosed spaces like the gym.

If you are looking for alternative total body workout routines, give stand-up paddle boarding a try and you’ll find yourself in the water more often than not.

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