Why It’s Worth It To Restore Or Repair Your Sash and Case Windows

To repair or to buy a new one? This is often the question when dealing with broken household items or home parts such as windows or doors.
But this shouldn’t be too much of a problem when dealing with sash and case windows. The answer, immediately, should be to restore them instead of throwing them out to install new and less valuable replacements. A sash and case is a type winder with one or more movable sashes or panels. It is often considered as traditional as this type of window was used primarily during the 17th century. Of course, many homes have this type of window installed; especially those with a Victorian or Edwardian design. But many newer, more modern homes use simpler windows since a sash and case windows, with its pull and trolley mechanism, are slightly more complicated to use.
It is quite understandable if your case windows in Edinburgh are causing you a bit of trouble due to age, making you consider replacing them with new ones. However, there is value in good sash and case windows, and they are almost always worth restoring instead of replacing. Here are the reasons why your sash and case windows in Edinburgh should be repaired instead of thrown out:
Preserves character. It stands to reason that if your home has sash windows in Edinburgh, it is a home with character and particular style. Many houses with sash and case windows are period homes; and many of these windows still in use are actually original architectural pieces. Its age adds charm to the home, giving it an aesthetic that cannot be found easily, in Edinburgh or elsewhere. Replacing the window will remove this charm to your home. Additionally, modern window installation can even clash with your home’s look.
Increase property value. Since a lot of the sash windows in Edinburgh are original architectural pieces, they are actually more valuable than your run of the mill windows you can buy at a department store. Having these windows add value to your home as it will have a piece that won’t be present in other homes. Of course, adding a modern window in place of your original sash windows in Edinburgh can turn your eye into a strange eyesore, with the clashing looks of the modern and the period Maintaining the sash and case window will drive up the value of your property because of the value of the window itself and because, simply, your home would look charming and historic.
Cost-effective. The simplest reason why you should restore these windows instead of replacing them is because it is cheaper to do so. Restoring sash and case windows is affordable; there are fewer parts to buy and less work to be done. In contrast, removing your period window to replace it with a new one will entail removing the original window, buying new windows, and installing them—all of which entail a significant amount of money. Restoring your case windows in Edinburgh is simply the more practical and elegant choice for your home.

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