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Why Do Water Pipes Burst and What Should You Do?

Pipes burst. It’s a common scenario. Not a very pleasant one, but if you do experience it, you need to have the number of an emergency plumber Swindon on your phone. Emergency plumbers in Swindon would advise you to watch out for these red flags as they are the top culprits of burst pipes.

Extreme temperatures

Have you ever let your home get colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter seasons? This can be very dangerous because this can lead to the water inside your pipes bursting. Usually, pipes burst where they have weak joints, but the pressure of iced pipes can be so high that the pipe could burst right through the wall. If this happens, turn off your main valve if it is within reach or at least the valve closest to you, then run to the main valve because another pipe might burst. Call your emergency plumber Swindon to fix the problem for you.

To avoid frozen pipes, keep your home’s internal heat higher than 55 degrees. You should also protect any pipes exposed outside your home with insulated pipe sheets. This way, even if the winters get too cold, your pipes won’t get frozen in. Make sure your radiator is also in tip-top condition before winter to avoid more expensive plumbing repairs.

Water Hammer

This is another term for moving pipes. Sometimes, water hammer occurs when the pipes were installed incorrectly. This causes them to move whenever there’s strong water pressure and to bang against the walls. Sometimes, this can lead to burst pipes. If you ever hear banging within your walls and you suspect it’s the pipes (clue, it only happens when you turn the faucet on and off) call emergency plumbers in Swindon. Pipe adjustment repairs are less costly than repairs for burst pipes. You also don’t suffer from water damage.

Fluctuating water pressure

When the water pressure in your home constantly fluctuates, it can spell trouble for your pipes. Usually, the water pressure peaks when everyone’s asleep. This is dangerous because you might not be awake when one of your pipes burst, or if a fixture in your bathroom gives way. To be on the safe side, lower the pressure at night. Bring it back to its regular/normal pressure in the morning, during peak hours of usage. Should one of your pipes burst anyway, try to close the main valve to minimize the water damage then call your emergency plumber Swindon.


By principle, pipes are designed to last for years. As long as they are installed properly and they are top-quality, to begin with, pipe bursts should generally not be a problem. However, the chemical makeup of water differs depending on where you live. Some water supplies are harder than others and this can be the cause of slow deterioration of your pipes. Watch out for leaks. Usually, leaks happen first before the actual burst pipe. Sometimes, the leaks are not as visible as they should be. Watch out for cold or damp walls, puddles of water, or just the unexplainable increase in your water bill. Regular inspections still work the best to avoid burst pipes especially due to corrosion. Call emergency plumbers in Swindon to book a check-up appointment.

If you need an emergency plumber Swindon, call BSK Plumbing & Heating today. Our emergency plumbers in Swindon will be quick and efficient to solve your plumbing issues.

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