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When Do You Need To Hire Extra Security For Your Company Event?

Any event has a certain level of security needs. Beyond hiring security personnel, this one entails removing safety hazards in your venue and helping guests who might get injured during the event, among others. If you’re hosting a company event, how will you know if you need to have a more intense event security Hertfordshire panning? This article aims to discuss the factors you need to consider.

The type of event. If your event will attract a huge crowd, you might need to hire more security guards Hertfordshire. For instance, you’re opening a new branch or you’re launching a new product. If your event also coincides with festivals or other important commemorations (like Halloween where accidents and attacks can be rampant), you should amp up your security strategy to prevent unpleasant situations from taking place.

Your venue. The venue where your event will take place is also a crucial factor in creating the right security plan. If it’s considered porous — or a type of venue where an outsider can easily get inside without entering through the designated entry points — you might want to have a security personally man possible areas where non-attendees can get in. To effectively do this one, you have to have a blueprint of your event venue.

Your attendees. Are you expecting a high-profile attendee, like a celebrity or a politician? Is your resource speaker someone who has a controversial history? If you have such kinds of attendees, all the more that you need to have an extensive event security Hertfordshire strategy. A team of capable security personnel can help control the crowd and minimise the risk of attacks.


The risk for large-scale attacks. If you’re holding a widely publicised event, like a trade fair, there’s a chance that someone can get into your venue and cause a scene or any other unpleasant situation. As stated, huge crowds come with a greater risk of attacks. You can prevent this one by conducting thorough bag checks, identifying items that can be introduced as weapons, and keeping an eye on suspicious people.

Hiring The Right Security Team

When hiring security guards Hertfordshire, you must take different things into account. Here are some tips you need to know:

Look into their credentials. The guards you will hire should be qualified and duly licensed. It’s also better to tap security professionals who have a first aid certificate. You should also look into the agency’s credentials and track record, and check if they have previously provided security services for a company event similar to yours.

Choose a local team. When choosing a security agency, it’s more advantageous to hire a local team. They will be more familiar with the area where your event will be held. They are also better equipped to deal with any type of security situation that may arise throughout your event.

Know that well-roundedness matters. Versatility is also key when it comes to hiring the right security team for your event. Are they adept in protecting VIPs? Can they easily familiarise themselves with the event layout? What is the range of security services they can provide? Besides well-roundedness, they should first and foremost observe professionalism at all times.

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