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What To Look For When Renting A Van For Your Film Crew

Renting vans hire Essex for your film crew can be a grueling experience especially if you are doing so for the first time. Once you find the right Van hire Essex company, however, you’ll probably stick with them each time you need transportation. Below are things to think about as you shop.

Right size

Make a checklist. How many people need to ride the van? Will the gear fit? Cameras can be stored in protective bags but don’t forget about the tripods, lights and other tools you will be using for your film. Will this fit into your van hire Essex? There is an off-chance, especially if your film needs the use of a lot of hardware, that you will have to rent two different types of vans. Scour the markets for what’s best. Make sure your gear and your crew are safe in transit.

Right type

What and who will you be transporting and for how long a distance? This is something that should be on top of your mind when you shop for Van hire in Essex. Most vans can have their seats removed. This open van could transport big gears. You could then hire a separate, smaller multi-passenger van for the safe transit of your crew.

Credible company

You would want to find a van hire Essex company with a good reputation. Scan through the testimonials of their past clients. If you have friends in the industry, ask for referrals. They might have used a service that struck them as more impressive than most. These little interviews can save you some effort and time.

Friendly terms

Even after picking out a company, ask for their terms of rental. You will be transporting gear so watch out for terms on minor damages (how will they be charging you) and lateness. Filming can be unpredictable. While it’s easy to say “don’t be late to avoid penalties”, you never really know what’s going to happen during a shoot. Ask for penalty terms if you returned the vehicles late.

Good insurance coverage

Unless your personal vehicle insurance covers your rentals as well, you may want to look into the insurance policies offered by the van hire in Essex company you are considering. If the terms are friendly, consider purchasing. They might also allow third party insurance coverage.

Good rates

You will be using these vans a lot especially if you are shooting out of town so get familiar with their rates. Are you using the van for weeks? What are the company’s terms for long term hire? Will this save you money as opposed to hiring the van on a daily basis?

Inspect the vehicle

Once you’ve signed the deal, before finalizing everything and shaking on it, inspect the van for damages. Very few companies would rent out spotless vans. Hairline scratches are, of course, inevitable even in new vehicles. However, what you want to avoid is being charged for damages you did not cause, so inspect the vehicle inside and out. Make sure that all current damages are noted by both you and the van hire Essex company. This way, unfair charges after you return the vehicle could be avoided.

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