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What Kind Of Flooring Should You Get If You Have Dogs And Cats at Home

The flooring material for your home depends on several factors. If your family has furry friends, you have to equip your house with a flooring Edinburgh that’s particularly pet-friendly.

But out of the several choices out there, how do you know which is the most suitable if you have dogs and cats at home? Here are the top options you can check from your favorite flooring company in Edinburgh.

Luxury vinyl flooring. This type of flooring Edinburgh material is highly recommended because it can mimic the look of hardwood, tiles, and natural stones — minus the hefty price. What’s even greater is that it’s also easier on your pets. It’s durable and can hold up well against spills and accidents.

Bamboo flooring. Considered as one of the best options for homes with dogs and/or cats, bamboo flooring has a high resistance against scratch. It has a durable surface and is also sustainable. If you’re worried about dander and other pet messes dirtying your floor, you won’t have to because bamboo flooring is also easy to clean.

Cork flooring. Your pets may carry different pathogens. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly flooring solution with an antimicrobial property, cork flooring is the answer. Because it can also absorb sound, it’s recommended for homeowners with pets that bark loudly. It’s also scratch-resistant, though it may be more vulnerable to stains.

Tile flooring. Tile floors are commonly used in residential spaces because of their being scratch- and water-resistant. They’re also easier to clean and maintain. But as they have a rather cold surface, make sure to put pet-friendly rugs.

Stone flooring. Stone floors are extremely durable. It can withstand high traffic and spills, making them an ideal flooring material for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. But similar to tile floors, they also have a cold surface. Putting area rugs and carpets where your furry friends can rest is a must.

Laminate flooring. When you choose laminate flooring, be sure to buy a waterproof option. It should also be particularly pet-friendly because ordinary laminate floors can easily warp and have a slippery texture.

Engineered hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is generally not recommended for a household with pets. But if you want to equip your home with it (because of its elegant look), opt for engineered hardwood. This material is coated with a tough, scratch-resistant finish as a protection against different elements. It’s also more water-resistant than other hardwood materials.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Flooring

Different flooring Edinburgh materials have different pros and cons. Some are designed to be pet-friendly, which are ideal if you have dogs and/or cats at home. But no matter what your choice is, one thing remains – The need to have it cleaned and maintained.

First and foremost, you have to regularly vacuum or sweep your floor to get rid of dirt and dander. If there is spillage or if your pets urinate, you have to fix it right away (vinegar solution can help remove the odour). It’s also recommended to invest in protective measures such as carpets and area rugs.

When buying flooring materials, also make sure to ask your supplier about proper maintenance as they typically have different cleaning and upkeep requirements.

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