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What hairstyle suits your face shape

“Three points of appearance, seven points of dress up”, presumably girls know, in addition to dressing up, a suitable hairstyle for their face is particularly important. The love of beauty requires the tireless pursuit of perfection. Take a look at the shape of your face and the style of your hair.

The girl with square face naturally gives the general impression that the land is wide and square, so it is difficult to find the soft beauty of the woman from the contour of the face. So urgent matters of the moment is to decorate the outline appropriately, might as well choose slightly side to divide hairstyle, use both sides to hang down the hair that comes down to keep out the cheek, the feeling with slightly messy tie-in contracted dress, can make delicate and cabinet face.

02 in addition, you can also choose a hair style with bangs, but cover the forehead of the bangs had better slightly side points, otherwise it will make the face look wider, side points of the bangs slightly exposed forehead, can lengthen the face; Cooperate natural volume, build sweet impression.

03 is the face of girls envy, a lot of hairstyles are suitable for such a face, relatively speaking, a little fluffy and with large bangs of hair can make the face looks more delicate small, if it is short hair, trim it to a clear point, it is more crisp.

Like a melon seed face, a long face can be quite photogenic if you choose the right hairstyle. Think with toe head to know long face cannot leave neat bangs, it can be the most direct place face cut short, join curl element appropriately among them, can make the effect of short face more rise a class.

The biggest advantage of a round face is that it can reduce the age, especially in the middle and old age, and the round face has an overwhelming advantage. But when you’re younger, a round face can be very annoying, but the popularity of the pear cut has come to the rescue. It doesn’t have to be long, but it can also be short, while embellishing the face with bits of hair on either side.

The hairstyle that another method that 06 avoid face looks too round is chosen in the cent namely, can reduce the width of narrow face at the same time from both sides not only, also can lengthwise maximum limit will face stretch, come so, while maintaining round face lovely attribute on the vision, won’t feel chubby.

07 Triangle faces, like long faces, don’t show the forehead, so try to choose a hair style with bangs generally won’t go wrong, and will balance the balance between a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Cooperate similarly a little curl, can let face look smaller.

08 diamond face in the cheekbone position is relatively wide, the choice of middle curly hair can be modified cheekbone position, so that the overall line tends to be soft. Bingle length stays in two cheek position, just highlight the advantage of pointed chin, have the help of bingle at the same time nifty roll degree, mellow taste reveals.Read more at:navy blue formal dress | purple formal dresses

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