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What Are Water Mist Fire Protection Systems And Who Needs Them

All commercial spaces all over the UK are required to install some form of commercial sprinkler system for fire suppression. Systems that are typically seen are the traditional fire sprinklers that active and release water to control fires. While they are effective in suppressing fires and saving lives, the amount of property caused by sprinkler activation is another issue.

Since it is not possible to forgo the installment of a fire suppression system, it is best to explore other options such as mist systems UK. Here’s everything worth noting about this commercial sprinkler system:

What Is A Water Mist System?

The water mist system was originally used exclusively by offshore rigs and other marine uses due to its design. However, in the last decade or so more and more land-based hazards are being addressed by the system.

How Does It Work?

Mist systems UK, much like the traditional fire sprinklers also use water to control fire. However, the two main differences between the two fire suppression systems are the amount of water they release and the level of pressure it uses.

A mist system releases small quantities of water using high pressure. With the help of specially designed nozzles, the microdroplets dispersed in the air and cover a larger surface area. Due to the space it covers, fire suppression happens instantly. Aside from faster release, the misty system also cools the areas affected by fire because the smaller droplets can vaporise easily.

Once the mist is released, the amount of oxygen around the fuel source is also displaced to prevent combustion. Without the presence of oxygen near the fuel, the spread of fire is prevented.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Mist System?

Both traditional sprinkler systems and mist systems are proven capable of controlling and suppressing fire. However, there are a few clear advantages provided by the mist system, such as:

Efficiency – Mist systems are designed to activate quickly and instantly because it uses just a fraction of water, there is no delay while waiting for the pipes to fill with enough water.

Less Property Damage – Since the water dispersed from the mist system quickly turns to vapor, the chances of water damage is very minimal. Due to the system’s ability to extinguish fires rapidly, fire damage is also contained.

Requires Less Water Pressure – Not all areas in the UK have access to water, which greatly affects the water pressure. Without enough water pressure in the pipes, traditional sprinklers are no longer very effective. This is not a problem for a mist system.

Who Should Use The Mist System?

There are many applications for the mist system in both commercial and residential spaces. Places such as heritage sites and museums where precious artifacts are stored can benefit greatly from this type of fire suppression system because it minimises the overall damage.

Commercial kitchens where fires are common will also find the mist system more helpful and less disruptive than traditional sprinklers. Data centers that store sensitive information in computers that are prone to water damage should also invest in a mist system to protect their assets.

If you need Commercial Sprinkler or Mist Systems UK, contact us today at Automatic Mist & Sprinkler Company (AMSCO) and we will help you choose the best fire protection system for your business.

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