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What are the five most popular holiday pies?

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the cheer and warmth of the upcoming festivities are decadently reflected in the way we eat. This holiday season, try making one of our top five fruit or cream holiday pies; they’re sure to wow your guests and satisfy any sweet tooth.

Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie? Yes, please! As one of the most widely popular seasonal desserts across the nation, pumpkin pie is a classic trademark of the holiday season. Characterized by buttery crust and a sweet and creamy filling made of real pumpkin puree, this classic is a must-have at every Thanksgiving and a welcome addition at any Christmas feast.

Another classic, apple pie, is noted for its tangy, fruity filling wrapped in a flaky, homemade crust. A true labor of love, each individual fruit must be cored, peeled, and sliced before making its way to the oven. Best made with real fruit, this autumnal classic articulately blends the ripe warmth of summer fruit harvests with the spice and coziness of winter and fall. Serve hot with a scoop of icecream to accentuate that iconic fruity tang and please even the pickiest of guests.

A sumptuous addition to any holiday spread, pecan pie is loved for its luxuriously creamy filling and nutty flavor. With origins deeply rooted in the Southern U.S., this combination of real pecans, creamed sugar and eggs, and a heritage of delicious homemade baking make for the perfect holiday dessert.

Sweet Potato
Another Southern creation, sweet potato pie is a twist on the classic pumpkin dessert. Made with farm-fresh sweet potatoes, this dense dessert is rich in nutrients and has a natural sweetness. Topped with whipped cream and served warm, this earth-based dessert is a perfect addition to any holiday table.

Coconut Creme
Dreaming of a white Christmas? No problem! This cream pie, topped with a mountain of lightly-toasted coconut flakes, is snowy white and indulgently delicious. With a hint of toasty coconut flavor on the inside and outside, this light and airy tropical pie is an ideal complement to denser, creamy desserts.

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Happy Holidays!

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