Venice: Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

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  • May 29, 2012

For people who are still unsure about the location of their next holidays, Venice can be a good solution. Venice is the jewel in Italy’s crown, located on the charming lagoon on a water mirror reflecting lights and the city’s architectural treasures. To many people Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, especially for the romantic hearts. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to sit by the charm and magic of the city bridges, churches, squares and the thousands canals that make up Venice. Visiting Venice is an experience one has to try at least once in a lifetime. Before leaving, it is advisable to plan a trip knowing many things about this city, such as transportation, maps, useful numbers, museums and monuments opening hours, accommodation, culture, prices and so on. Many useful tips and practical information are provided for example by About Venice, an online travel guide to Venice. This website offers many suggestions to visit Venice and discover such a treasure in all its shades and aspects: from history, culture and traditions, to all the best excursions and guided tours you can enjoy by ferry or the famous typical Venetian boat: gondola. Besides its charm and labyrinth of narrow alleys and little channels, Venice also has a great name in history, architecture, cultural history and gourmet cuisine. About Venice will help users to know the main attractions not to miss once in Venice and to find the best and cheapest restaurants, trattorias and cafes in the area. With its striking and attractive atmosphere, Venice keeps intact its stately architectural treasures, which still today decorate the many narrow streets and countless channels of a city with its evident glorious past. Every year, thousands people from all over the world visit Venice for marvelling at its artistic and architectonical treasures, first of all the magnificent, beautiful Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square), surrounded by old palaces with sumptuous porches. In addition, no visit to Venice would be complete without the stately St. Mark’s Basilica overlooking the homonymous square, the Doge’s Palace, the Ca’ d’Oro (an ancient palace overlooking the Grand Canal) and the island of Murano – the world-renowned village famous for its handmade glass production (it’s also possible to watch the masters and skilful craftsmen at work). Venice is all this and much more and all people from all around the world should visit it at least once in their life, it’s worth it. Further information are available on Venice Travel Guide, About Venice.

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