Symantec Norton Internet Security – Pros and Cons

Though, we always gaze for new things, however, sometimes the earlier items proved to be the best ones. Previous articles were much more favourable as well as had a longer lasting outcome. Nowadays also, if you deliberate, this Symantec Norton Internet Security 2009 is counted amid the supreme anti-viruses. If you look for spamming, phishing, thwarting virus, cookies and much more, than nothing can work more than Norton on them. This anti-virus is developed by Symantec and is the prior preference of number of users. Whenever you face obscurity, Norton Support will be by hand for the consumers.
For the support, fortification of your any gadget, this is the secured anti-virus. Besides, when you are hooked up with the internet, then the safekeeping of the system is a must. No chance of risking your system is there. If you get any difficulty even, Norton Customer Support is there to be acquainted with the problems.
To know more about the Norton internet security 2009 evidently, here are some of the advantages of it:
§ The initial benefit of this anti-virus is that the detection rate of this software is higher than all the other anti-viruses. No one has that much speed which Norton has.
§ With the aid of tutorial only, even the less literate person can download, install and configure it. It is very trouble-free to install this anti-virus and use it in your system.
§ Another benefit is that like others, it does not need your details. You can check, protect your system, adware detection, browser as well as image protection is there.
§ As you enter the page, if it is not worth using, then it just not let you use that link. Detection of the virus is done as you enter any of the link address on the search bar.
§ Amongst the features, the last is that the rate of this anti-virus is reasonable. You can easily download the anti-virus as a trial pack or can have it by paying the fee.
As the Norton Antivirus is with so many perks, but some of the disadvantages are also listed here to know it entirely:
§ The most aggravating point is that when the Norton internet security 2009 is running, the speed of the system goes slow. You get annoyed with its pace as it takes minutes to open a single page. If you will start opening anything, you have to wait for a long time to get it opened.
§ The Norton Customer Service is only free for the users from the telephone only. If by any mean you need to talk, then online support has to be purchased.
§ You can only perform one thing at an instance as the speed of the Norton security will not let you work otherwise.
Don’t go for the disadvantages as the benefits are more than that. Still, if anything is hindering your mind, then just call Norton Customer Support and clear your queries right away. The time has not gone yet as you still have the chance to install it now.

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