Vanilla Sky by Elite Stone, a romantic new language to describe Luxury Design

Verona, March 2017 – Explore, study, inspire. Take note of the continuous changes in design to present ideas that are always in line with a cosmopolitan style of luxury that is absolutely unique. These are the concepts and constant stimuli about lifestyles that gave birth to Vanilla Sky, a true romantic dream created by ES Atelier. A fascinating wall closet, created for the bedroom, that draws you toward a rosy sunset in a vanilla tinted sky every time you enter the bedroom.
Vanilla Sky is more than a furnishing element that appears sculptured for a room, but is also a splendid illuminated designer wall. The soft lighting of the magnificent backlit panels in onyx with inserts in vanilla colored leather and structure in high quality wood with a maple veneer, makes it a luxurious, original light source in an entrancing play of tone-on-tone. Extraordinary style notes are achieved with the exclusive E-light System technology, developed thanks to the translucence of ultra-thin sheets of onyx and LED lights that give life to this unique example of Italian craftsmanship.
A successful design is one for which anyone can find a reason… Elite Stone meets the tastes and expectations of the clientele by offering total customization of the furnishings: not only the measurements, but also the choice of materials – always precious, marvelous woods, colors and finishes, in harmony with the luxurious mood of excellence” remarks Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone.
Embellished by the most exclusive furnishing accents, Vanilla Sky gives its own light and captures the gaze of those who love beautiful things. This stunning furniture brings impressive wonder and prestige to any room in which it is found, becoming the unrivaled focus and creating a chic atmosphere of incomparable esthetic value. Dressers, shelves, niches: every single detail is designed according to the customer’s requests, delivering the answer to a dream of tailor-made perfection.

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